The 3 F’s – Fun, Friends and Flea Markets

The 3 F’s – Fun, Friends and Flea Markets

I’ve been quiet this week.  Between a head cold, lots of etsy orders and a quick trip to the flea market I have barely sat down.

Yesterday I made my annual trek to Round Top and, as usual, it was a blast of fun, finds and near heat stroke.  Sara, Dee Ann and I left by 7AM and before we got out of the driveway we were already laughing so hard I needed to stop and go to the bathroom.

After the 3 hour drive we began at the upscale end of the market, Marburger Farms.  Most of these prices are outside of my comfort zone.  But I always find inspiration and style and pick up a few things that I could never have found anywhere else.  It’s an incredible place, a melting pot of interesting items.

It got really hot very quickly and there wasn’t much shade there, so we decided to leave and go over where the cheap people shop.  As you can see, I pull out all of the stops when it comes to looking classy.

My collapsible floppy hat that I keep in the van for emergencies was going to come in handy for this heat…or so I thought.  As soon as Sara and Dee Ann saw it on me they refused to let me wear it.  And because of some mysterious brown stain on the brim they started calling it “the poo poo hat.”  So I took it off and yes, got a sunburn.  I think I need some new friends.

Eventually we got so hot that we decided to sit down and get a drink.  I also needed some tornado taters and Sara needed a funnel cake.  Both must haves when you are at the flea market….also a carnival, circus and county fair.

I thought about buying one of those 20# bags of ice and dumping it down my shirt.

By 3:30 we were about worn out.  I didn’t make any big purchases.  I was really just there for the fun of a day out with my homies.

On the drive home we usually get serious and talk about important moments in our lives and we get to know each other better.  That may be my favorite part of the whole day.

We hit traffic going through the big city, so we decided to stop and eat.  That is where it all fell apart.  We started talking about the day and by the end of the meal we were laughing so hard we nearly fell out of our chairs.  I may or may not have had a teeny bladder accident.  Let me just defend myself by saying it is hard to stay dry when you’ve given birth 9 times, had a whole day of constantly drinking water then your friends start making fun of your poo poo hat.

This morning I look pretty sunburned.  Next year I will have a better hat and some sunscreen (which I did have in the car but forgot until after I got home).  I slept most of today and after a full day of rest and cool drinks, I am ready to take on the weekend.

Have a happy Easter my friends!


  1. The ride home, exhausted, hot and happy, is also my favorite part. And it wasn’t really that we wouldn’t LET you wear the poo poo hat. It was just that while you had it on, we couldn’t walk, talk, or shop due to being doubled over with hysterical laughter. I can’t believe you posted that picture – true humility!

  2. This is HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. I’m soaking in the bathtub right now, and may or may not have had a tiny bladder accident laughing over your antics! Sounds like you had a great time with a fun group of friends!

    I’m going to a little bitty flea market in the morning and can’t wait. It’ll be my first one of the season.

    Have a blessed Easter!
    Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. Nothing better than a day out with your girl friends!

  5. Once again, let the record show, we didn’t refuse to let you wear the hat, we just refused to be with you when you wore it.

    The car part IS the best – it’s where I burn the most calories – laughing.

  6. You ARE one classy chic. I personally would have let you wear the hat. It would have been fun to watch people point and stare. Ha! Ha!
    And as far as the bladder control, I’ve only had 3 and have that problem. Don’t even make me attempt more than one jumping jack. Oh no!
    So glad you had fun. Laughter is good medicine.
    Have a Happy Easter! He is Risen!

  7. You are truly a classy lady! I love the hat and actually have one very similar. My family won’t let me leave the house with it on either. (sigh)
    Flea markets are so much fun, but whenever it’s time to leave I always agonize about the treasures I’ve left behind. What wonderful crafty item did I miss? Ahh, just another reason to come back again.

  8. So, so funny! Those kind of friends are the ABSOLUTE BEST! Somehow at the end of the day and if you’re tired and with great friends, everything gets funny!

  9. I have warned my daughters already that they *must* do their pelvic floor exercises after they have kids no. matter. what.

    I may or may not have experience in the results of not having done the aforementioned exercises 😉

    I do *not* however have experience of flea markets or of this kind of warmth. No, not even in summer. This makes me want to cry 😉

  10. Love. It. Girl, you rockin’ that hat!

    Question: Do they only have the Canton Flea Market once a year? I’ve heard about it for years and I would love to go.

  11. HAHAHAAA!! You crack me UP with the possible bladder accident scenario~~!!!

  12. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You cracked me up…so I decided I had to stop by and get to know you better. Glad I did!! I loved the hat story!! What did you buy?