Pinterest Friday Numero Veintitres

I’ve been missing Pinterest Friday.  I just love looking back over my pins from the week and remembering the moment I pinned that and thinking about how much there is to do.

Since I’m at SNAP this week, I am pinning things I needed to prepare for the conference.

Like what to wear….this gorgeous combination is exactly what I would love to wear.

Or maybe this from Dorotheas…when I’ve been reading Jane Austin I get in the mood for that romantic look.

And how to wear my hair….isn’t this pretty?

But I’ll probably look more like this (lots more where this came from on bee in our bonnet!)

The kids will need something fun to do while I’m gone.  Wouldn’t the boys love this idea from Muddy Boots?  Light sabers from pool noodles and tape!  I heart clever people.

While I’m there with 325 other amazing bloggers I will need to remember that I have my own purpose.  I love this message from and Spiritually Speaking….

Oh this one really blesses me….

And when I get home….I need someone to set out some stones for my tired feet like they do on Martha Moments.   You are supposed to sit them in the sun and they will relieve the pressure of the day.  Yes please.

Have a great weekend!

If you need a Pinterest invite let me know.  I’d be glad to send you one!


  1. That first outfit would look beautiful on you! I highly recommend it. Have a good trip!

  2. That is my favorite outfit!!! The colors and patterns and those super cute sunglasses go great together!

  3. The top outfit is gorgeous, well actually I like the frilly one too!
    Have fun at the conference, look forward to the photos when you get back!

  4. I love the cute outfits. The pool noodle sabers are a great idea. And the two sayings are fabulous. And the rocks . . . well, that seems like a great idea.

    Thanks for hanging with us today even though you were totally tired. It was so great to meet you! Hope the rest of your trip went well. 🙂