Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Special

I think I’d better lay off of the conferences for a while.  I can’t get over the tiredness.  Last night I went to bed at 8:00.  I haven’t done that since I was 7 years old and my mom made me. If she had been here yesterday and seen how sleepy I was she might have made me again.  I needed it.

The sleepiness has me off my game, which isn’t much to brag about to begin with.  When the kids ask me a question I kind of stare at them like I don’t understand.  “Mom, Mom,” they snap their fingers in my face, “Did you know you just put your shoes in the refrigerator?”

But I’m awake enough to know that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  I want to share with you my number one best seller in the shop.  It’s my Family Number Pillow.  It has a large number (number of people or kids in the family) with the names across it.

It would be a great Mother’s Day gift or grandmother gift.  I have done up to 14 grandchildren on one pillow (that one was FULL!).

I can do the number in any color thread.  Black looks really nice, if you like a more graphic style.

So for the next week, through May 5, I have marked the Family Number Pillow down by 20%.  Yippee!  I rarely have a sale so this is a big deal for me (oh and for you…I forgot it’s not all about me).

AND as a special bonus (Oooh, I feel like one of those Ginsu knives guys) I am also going to mark my Market Totes down by 20%.  I love my market tote so much…I use it almost every day.  I think it would be a great Mother’s Day gift.

I hope that helps you decide what to give your mom this year.  At those great prices you can get something for yourself while you’re at it.

And don’t worry.  I will wake up before I start making them.  I’ll get started as soon as I find my shoes.

And while we’re at it….I’d sure appreciate a “Like” on my Shop 24 Facebook page!


  1. Liked! Hope to get a full report on the trip when you wake up 🙂

  2. My order will wake you up! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this great idea! I ordered one for my mother!

  3. Lisa, The pillows are are so unique and beautiful….love them! I can see why this is a best seller. Have a fun week. xo, Sherry