A Birthday Weekend

A Birthday Weekend

One of these days I am going to put my feet up and leave them that way for a week.  But then I think, someday the kids will all be gone and there I will sit with my feet up and wish I had things to do.  So I embrace the business.

Last Friday I took Grace and a few of the other kids to Austin for her birthday.  It was Grace’s 22nd birthday and there were some shops there that she likes, so off we went.  But not before the brothers and sisters gave her some gifts.

It was the most gorgeous drive.  The Texas wildflowers are in bloom and we just soaked it all in.  So, so pretty.  I could have kicked myself for not taking my camera.  These are from my phone.

Noah was dying to go to the Lego store.  He probably would have stayed all day if I would let him.

On Saturday morning Patience and I went out to a friend’s farm.  They were having a planting party for their enormous garden.  We went to take pictures.  I’m not much of a dirt person.  I will let Patience show you the pictures she took because I was busy sitting and fanning myself.  I can give you tips on decorating, but I’m not much help when it comes to gardens.

Yesterday I filled shop orders while the boys mowed.  Don’t you just love a freshly mown yard?  It smells so good and feels so crisp and neat.  Crisp and neat makes me happy.  I could live on a golf course.  Except I don’t play golf and I don’t want to.

Today is Patience’s 15th birthday so we’re off again to do some shopping.  She invited her sisters to go, so we’ll paint the town red and be silly.  I am sure there will be some Chick-fil-A involved and probably a lot of trying on clothes and wondering why they make everything so tight these days.

Maybe tomorrow I will put my feet up.  This is a lot of activity for this tired mamma.



  1. Happy Birthday Grace and Patience! I know you are both such a blessing to your Mama and you make her so proud! May you both continue to grow in the Lord as you walk with Him daily. Once again Happy Birthday!!

    And to you my dear bloggy friend…. WOW is all I can say! You have had a busy weekend!!! I know your girls are such a blessing to you, not just your girls but all your children. Enjoy!

    Hope you have a wonderful week with the simply stunning weather we have been having. (i am now off to wake up a few children….. today was granted as a sleep in late kinda day in order to send the last of the sniffles on their way.)


  2. Happy Birthday sweet girls from the Jones family, we love you!

    Cha Cha

  3. Happy birthday to the girls! Oh, the bluebonnets – my absolute favorite time of year! It is so funny, I want a ding dang garden so bad, but I would kill everything in it if I had one. Maybe there is a 12 step group for that?

  4. Happy birthdays to your girls! I remember the first time my middle son went to the Lego store in California when we were on vacation – it rivaled Disneyland for him.

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  5. A whole shop full of Lego- my boys would think they were in heaven!
    Happy birthday to the girls!

  6. Happiest of birthdays to your beautiful daughters!

    It is a lot of work but one day they will grow and leave us….so we must relish the craziness while we can!


  7. The wildflower pictures brought back one of those memories that is now funny, but wasn’t at the time. When I was in high school my family took a road trip from Ohio to El Paso, TX. When we got to TX and my mom saw all the wildflowers she thought it would be nice to get a picture of me and my brother sitting in them. Great idea, except that when we got back in the van both of us were squirming around like we had ants in our pants. Funny thing, it turns out we did have ants in our pants. And not just one or two. So, after being forced to change our clothes on the side of the highway (you can imagine how mortifying this was for a girl in high school) and vacumning out the van with one of those tiny, cigarette-lighter charged car vacs, we were on our way again. Needless to say, we never stopped for another roadside picture again. 🙂

  8. Chick-Fil-A? Be still my heart. Our nearest one is 2 1/2 hours away and I always make an excuse to stop whenever I’m in that direction. Because Chick-Fil-A Sauce makes the world go ’round, that’s why.

    You have such a beautiful family inside and out. Love reading about your daily adventures and misadventures!

  9. Happiest of Happy Birthday celebrations to you all! Who needs to lug a big camera around when your phone takes great shots like those? Enjoy all those precious blessings, dear Lisa. 🙂

  10. Lisa, Happy birthday to your girls! Don’t worry about not having anything to do when the kids are all grown and gone. You’ll have grand kids eventually to keep you very busy.
    Hugs, Sherry

  11. Sounds like such fun times with your kiddos, even if it is tiring! My son would spend all day in the Lego store too. I’ll have to admit that I think the Lego store is pretty fun too.

    Your girls are such pretty young ladies!

  12. You are a beautiful mom!
    They’ll be plenty of time to put our feet up when they’ve flown the coop.
    Embrace the busyness, we shall!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your lovely girls!
    Are those Legos sold by the pound, or what?
    Happy Easter, love!

  13. Hi, Lisa—
    I love your website and all that it means. God, family, love, faith, joy. I would love to see more articles on your philosophy or parenting or life tips. When you have the time!!!????
    You bless my life—-Kathleen