My New Clock or How I Get My Children to Do Things for Me

My New Clock or How I Get My Children to Do Things for Me

I am so in love with this clock I made.  It was really a simple project and it makes me so happy every time I look at it.

I have moved it all over the place and it’s one of those things that looks good everywhere.  Don’t you love those things?  If I am fixing up a spot anywhere in the house I can just say, “That clock will look perfect here.”

I got the frame thingy at the flea market last month.  I had so many ideas for ways to use it, but when this clock idea hit on the way home….I knew it was exactly what I would do.  Don’t you love when an idea just fills every gap and space in your mind and you know it’s right?

In front of my workshop getting ready to start…

supplies gathered….

After I painted the whole thing white I cut out numbers/words with my true love, my Cricut and stuck them on.

I also put little dots for where the real numbers should be, in case anyone actually wants to know what time it is.

Then I painted over the whole thing in black and peeled off the vinyl letters.  I love  this technique.  Sometimes you don’t want stuck on letters and this makes them look like you painted them on!  But I am entirely too lazy to do that.

And here’s where the problems started.  I drilled the hole in the center for the clock shaft.  BUT I didn’t really measure carefully (or at all) and the wood was way too thick.  So the shaft would stick out the front.  Oh no!

So I called Jacob out of his cave and asked him if he could pull out his old woodworking tools and gauge out a place for the clock.  He very sweetly did it for me.

He even smiled once.  I am not sure if he meant to, but we caught it on camera.

I’m going to print the smiling picture.  Then when I need him to do something else for me I can pull it out and flash it in front of him and say, “Look how happy you were when you helped me with the clock!”

Finally we were back in business.

I flipped the clock over and waxed the front with a dark wax.  I have been waxing furniture since long before the chalk paint people came on the scene.  I love the age that it adds.

Oh, and do you see the big strip around the hole that looks like it got messed up?  Well that’s where Jacob hammered right through the front of the clock.  I had to glue it back in place and set a big rock on it for an hour.  Then I sanded and sanded until it was smooth enough to repaint.  Yep, nothing ever goes as planned around here.

Then I just stapled twine to the back and it was finished….I need to make a few more because there are about 8 different places that I want to put it.  Not to mention I have kind of a freak-ish thing about needing to know what time it is constantly.

It was fun to make.  I only complain about the problems because if my family knew I was having fun they would have called me in to make dinner.  But if they think I’m slaving away miserably they will make dinner for me.

And that’s it folks.  It was a really easy project.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic – what a genius idea!

    Angie @ Knick of Time
    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors´s last blog post ..Sonday – The Trip to Bountiful

  2. First of all, this is divine from 1 to 12 o’clock indeed.

    Second, I personally have a clock in every room of the house. Even restrooms get clocked around our place. I’m with you: I want to know what time it is!
    Kelley´s last blog post ..Jelly Bean Prayer Easter Sentiments

  3. Kelley, what a great idea! A clock in the bathroom!! And I dearly love clocks too!

    Lisa, great job! I really love the finished clock! We are seriously in need of more clocks in our home as a couple were broke on our move here… but that just gives me an excuse to try out some new ideas.

    Take care and have a blessed week!
    Peggy´s last blog post ..LInky Followers Blog Hop… part deux

  4. Very, very clever!

    I love having my helpers around here too! They are wonderful!

    Deanna´s last blog post ..Busy Week Ahead

  5. Great job!!! I so wish I had a cricut!!!
    Deanne´s last blog post ..sugar free gluten free easter preparations

  6. It’s adorable! I love it! I need to know what time it is too – my husband keeps the clocks wound because he knows that my days just don’t go smoothly without the 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour, 3/4 hour and on the hour reminders! In sync preferably! The house isn’t large, but every room has a clock or two. I so want to go to a flea market this summer – in fact I need to find out if we even have one in the area! Is there a flea market finder online?
    Heather´s last blog post ..Sunday’s Sermon Notes

  7. I was digging in the fabric closet with my darling girl when it suddenly struck me – no not fabric falling on my head – but the thought that your clock holder was once a bird cage holder! Not a frame thingy after all! I’m on the hunt for an old lamp to fill with succulents – saw it on Pintrest, of course! Your clock looks very Pottery Barn-ish, I think! No doubt it will be all over Pintrest in no time! Not time at all!
    Heather´s last blog post ..Sunday’s Sermon Notes

  8. This is divine! Its just so adorable and innovating. :)
    Amy Fountain´s last blog post ..Bonsai – The Beauty of Bonsai Trees

  9. Wow that looks awesome! Love how you got the family involved! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at my new linky party “Pin It and Win It Wednesday”!

  10. So fun! Looks like the stand might be a bird cage stand! When I see them I always think how neat they are and the endless possibilities for them! Love what you came up with!
    Jessica @ Dear Emmeline´s last blog post ..2013: A Year In Review


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