My Brain is Broken

My Brain is Broken

My rememberer isn’t working these days.  I forgot an orthodontist appointment yesterday.  We just didn’t show up.  I have no excuse.  I forgot.  We were home just doing school and acting like we had nowhere else to be.  My orthodontist would get upset with me, except for the fact that I still have 4 kids that need braces.  So I’m probably forgiven.

It is my scientifically proven belief that breastfeeding sucks away your brain power.  9 kids nursing for a couple of years a piece….you do the math.  It’s a wonder that I can remember where the bathroom is in my own house.  By the way kids, you’re welcome.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.

This week we have 2 birthdays.  Grace turns 22 (but we aren’t discussing that) and Patience will turn 15.  My youngest girl is 15.  No more little smocked dresses and cutie pie bloomers around here.  My brain may not remember appointments, but it will never forget the little bonnets that the girls used to wear when they played outside.  They looked so sweet and charming.  Now they are all taller than me, which makes me depressed which causes me to grab Levi or Elijah every couple of hours and squeeze them really hard.  I don’t know why….I just feel the need for a baby squeeze.

They do remind me that they are not babies anymore while I am hugging them, but I pretend not to hear.

I didn’t forget to go to my friend Sara‘s annual spring party last weekend, which was wonderful!  Some girl time was exactly what I needed after a few weeks of not seeing anyone but my kids and my tax season affected husband.  Sara always does an amazing job on the food and decor, but it was the desserts that really got me.

This trifle was calling my name.

It called so loudly that I ate 2 servings.  After all….my new diet was starting the next day.  Good bye chocolate….hello cruel world.  And before you call me a big fat pig and a terrible party guest for eating 2 servings….I was actually doing Sara a favor.  She was starting her diet the next day too.  She didn’t need all of that chocolate around.

This is day 2 of my diet and so far so good.   I do miss chocolate.  But we must part ways or I will have this Dr. Seuss character shape forever.

If it works I will let you know all about it.  If I can remember.  Now what was I talking about?



  1. I just wanted to tell ya that I saw a report on my local NEWS that said that a person who eats chocolate is more likely to loose weight than a person who does not. Then they rambled on about scientific blah, blah, blah. I of course only heard “Eat chocolate…it’s all good!!” hahahaha! I to have tried diets, but found they never work for me. Life style changes seem to help me much better. Good Luck!!

  2. Pam Marshall :

    My 91 year old FIL lives with us and TWO times I forgot to take him to his new cardiologist to have his pacemaker checked.. Like you, I simply forgot. It’s not like me to miss appointments and I always strive to be on time. I did remember to take him the third time, which was yesterday.
    Having nursed four, though, I don’t think I can claim the same reason…..

  3. Love this post. You make the mommy days happier!

  4. It happens to the best of us! sigh…..

    My oldest will be 23 in May, and he is a Dad, which makes me a grandma…wow!

    My youngest girl will be 10 this year and still loves to play dress up – thankfully she has a younger brother who loves to play with her – they are always cowboys, or explorers or something – because the next child closest to her is almost 13 and growing up…I love every stage, but I realized a few months ago that I don’t have any babies anymore…at least I have a granddaughter!


  5. Lisa, this is hilarious! I am now on day 3 of a “trying to eat healthier and no sugar” diet, too! I’m blaming the lack of sugar and chocolate as the cause for my low brain power!:) And that picture of the trifle is making my mouth water so much I might become dehydrated!…:) Have fun eating carrots. I’m trying to pretend they’re peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

  6. Oh, please don’t give up chocolate! I could never even consider giving up chocolate all together! It’s just too good!!!
    Just eat it in moderation – a true test of our self control!

    Sheri O.

  7. “No more little smocked dresses and cutie pie bloomers around here”

    Won’t be long till the grand-babies start arriving…that’s when the fun really starts <3 🙂