School Lockers and Other Stuff

School Lockers and Other Stuff

We’ve been getting caught up on school this week.  Between Christmas and sickness and me feeling lazy we’ve lost track a bit.

The first thing that needed to be done was to clean out the kids’ lockers.  A couple of years ago I bought some old lockers at the flea market.  They were school bus yellow, but a little (OK, a lot of) spray paint and they were transformed.

It is perfect.  I have 6 kids in school right now and there are 6 lockers.  They keep their personal school books and papers in their individual lockers.  I keep the community supplies on a shelf in the school room/dining room.  A flawless system.

I adore these lockers.  They are happy.

Don’t you just love when something fills every need?  Organization, character, durability, affordability.

By the way, I am planning to raise the curtains in this room so they hang at the ceiling.  But I have to figure out what fabric to add to the bottom so they won’t look like I’m waiting for a flood.

Where were we?  Oh yeah…..getting going with school again.  See how I get off track?  Hey!  What’s that over there?!

But we’re getting it done.  We’ve caught up on everyone’s math lessons and gotten the weekly assignments started.  It’s all good.

Except those curtains which are now bugging me more than they already were since they look so squatty in these pictures.

And that half dead hanging basket in the window which is actually hanging outside on the porch.  I hadn’t realized that it was so anemic.  Add that to the list…..take down the sick looking ferns.

I hope you’re having as productive a week as I am. (is that grammatically correct?)




  1. Love your lockers and this room! Is this room specifically a school room? If so, my kids would be envious – they work at the kitchen table, or the couch or wherever they can find a clean spot to work – which is pretty limited right now!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. My husband & I say “Squirrel” all the time during our many random subject changes throughout the day! It was a great laugh to see it here too!!

  3. I love the lockers! Awesome and yes, perfect for the school stuff!

    I have been making a list of all the projects I want to do! First up is repainting my bathroom!

  4. I love the lockers and your sense of humor! Thanks for the laughs this morning. All I can say about the curtains is at least you have some :) We have been in our house over 10 years and I can’t seem to decide what I want.

  5. Angie, that’s our living room. I will post pics of the school room so you can see. It’s not as exciting as it looks. Don’t let your kids get envious over our setup for sure! :) Lisa~

  6. Love the lockers! Your home looks so welcoming and inviting!

  7. OH I have to show my husband this picture!!! We found footlockers at the “antique mall” for a good price too. But you can guess it… his response was do we REALLY need these. I oh so wanted to jump up and down and squeal yes but I didn’t. So we bought the dresser instead…. I wonder if they are still there. And this time I am ready with a plan of action!! :)

  8. Love your lockers- we are still making the most of our summer holidays despite the rain!

  9. Love the lockers!! :) That’s a great system.

  10. Squirrel definitley gave me a chuckle! My brother gets a big kick out of using that.

    Love the lockers. My sister has gotten some on two different occasions at school auctions. I would eally love to have some for schoolbooks!

    It’s always hard to get back on track with school, after Christmas.

  11. LOVE the lockers… and the locker baskets on top. And your humor – I feel like I’m with one of my sisters when I’m “reading” you! I am drooling over the polka dot wicker chair…. my house is full of flea market, thrift store, yard sale things – they’re already all broke in and comfy-like, right? Isn’t paint the best? and fabric? :) Ok I’m really rattling here….. My husband & I say “Beavers & Ducks!” randomly… (we got it off a movie where the guy’s fast asleep & jolts awake, yells that out, and immediately goes back to snoring!) Goodnite!

  12. I’m going to have to pin your lockers! Love them!

  13. I love your randomness! Makes me feel good to know that I’m not the only one! :D

    So the lockers are fabby. I have just been telling the hubster that we could really use lockers here to help get a handle on the kiddos’ stuff and to give them their own personal storage space. I’ve been keeping my eye out on CL! Yours look great painted white. Loves it~!!

  14. I ADORE your style/decorating! I”m in awe of your living area!!

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