My Book Bunting

My Book Bunting

While the bunting craze has been all over blogland, I decided I had to try it.  I thunk and thunk but nothing I thought of really appealed to me.  Then, in my sleep, it hit me.  You know how that goes right?  God’s genius that He was waiting for me to turn off my brain so He could tell me about it.

And I LOVE it.  Love with a capitol L-O-V-E.

That empty frame over my couch (you know, the one I change all of the time and it drives my family crazy) was ready for a new filler, so I made a bunting with old books.  Then I thought it would be perfect for ♥ Valentine’s Day ♥ and I added some love words.

So sweet, so loving, so easy and completely FREE!

I drilled holes in the corners of the books with my drill.  It took like, 10 seconds.

Then I used baling wire from our hay bales to string the books together and to hold them open.  And of course, my beloved Cricut cut the letters.

I asked all of the children if any of them knew what “je t’aime” means.  No one knew.  Who teaches these kids anyway?

Oh well, now I have some bunting.  JOY!

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  1. This is way cool- well done!
    I am still yet to do some book bundles, or those wreaths, flowers etc. done with old books- I even bought some old books that I didn’t mind wrecking but haven’t got there yet!
    Maybe one day- when I get my sewing room organised!

  2. Clever girl!

  3. I’m not a bunting fan, personally. But this I really like!

  4. Love it, as usual, of course! No baling wire here, shoot, and the drill makes me nervous. I’m a chicken like that. It is cheerful and cute, but in a totally non-bootie sophisticated way.

    With ya on the booties. I think even super models looks silly in them, though I’d never tell them that. I’ll just rock the non-bootie boots I have in my own special way, looking very non-supermodel-ish, thank you very much.

  5. I love anything to do with books, especially old books and I just LOVE your banner!!

    I hope you’ll come share this at Knick of Time Tuesday – the party is going on now!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  6. I’m so in LOVE with this, how creative!!! I really need to invest in one of those Cricuts!
    Thanks for the great idea!

  7. So cool! Loves it!!! 😀

  8. That is very neat. I like!

    The frame is beautiful, too.

  9. I love this – I have also not been a big bunting fan but I love yours! Just perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  10. How do you think of all these amazing ideas all the time?

  11. Loved your line, “Who teaches these kids anyway?”

    You are so funny. Plus talented. Plus wise, Plus witty.

    Am I jealous yet? (Um. Yes.)

  12. This is awesome. LOVE it !!!!


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