The Traditional Holiday Mess

Things have slowed down a bit here at the Point and I can finally see past the piles of wrapping paper in my bedroom.  Besides doing all of my gift wrapping in there, I have this idea that I must keep every shipping box until all of the gifts have been opened and approved of.  What if something needs to be returned to  So my bedroom has become the hub of packaging, invoices, bubble wrap and general garbage.

There is something about this mess that keeps me from being able to write.  I sit down to tell you all of the adventures of my life, which basically consists of wiping off the table and wondering why no one else ever notices the spot on the floor in the hallway, but the mess in my bedroom stops me.  I can not think in a sea of cardboard.

It’s my Kryptonite.

To top that off, we are sick.  AGAIN.  I guess 2011 will go down in our family history as the year of the stomach bug.  It’s been only a month since we recovered from the last infestation and here we go again. One person was sick yesterday, two today and who knows what tomorrow holds.  I promise you I am boiling/bleaching everything we touch and quarantining sick people.  I have essential oils slathered on everyone.

Maybe I could barricade them with cardboard boxes.

The good news is that there is still baking and cookie eating going on here.  The house, despite the slight odor of vomit, smells delightful.  It’s all chocolate chip cookies and banana bread….muffins and fudge.  There’s flour dust and sugar granules covering every surface.  But nothing stops us.  It just isn’t Christmas without food coloring stains and sprinkles.

Giant messes, sick people, cookies and gifts.  It’s a holiday tradition.


  1. I think barricading them with boxes sounds like a great idea~

    What EO’s do you use?

  2. OH you poor dear! I am so sorry that THE SICKNESS has struck your family once again! We are suffering with bronchial type ailments (to include asthma attacks…..mine… ugh)

    I had to laugh about the box saving issues… I think I must be a latent sufferer as well… except I switch things around and wrap gifts in them or cut the tape and flatten them down. Thankfully this years stash is pretty small as some of the gifts were of a higher $ value than normal (grandparents contributed so we ended up with 2 to 3 families involved in the purchasing.. woo hoo!)

    OH NO…. my paint tray just fell off the counter!! It was dripping into the can……… bye!

  3. Why did I start cracking up when you said “vomit”? LOL! Oh I’m not laughing at you my friend, I’m laughing WITH you. You are laughing aren’t you?
    Hopefully there will be no new kiddo’s come down with it. Let off Lysol bombs in the rooms of the sicko’s every hour on the hour. Douse the extra cardboard with echinacea tea and wrap their feet in it. Okay yeah, don’t really do that. The more I think about it the less of a good idea it sounded.
    Well I’m done rambling on. I hope you all recoup by Christmas and have a super duper day!

  4. Bless your heart!! Again!! Cardboard may end up being your best friend. 🙂 Hoping it ends NOW, this day! I’m sure the smell of freshly baked goods has a very therapeutic effect. I have been tempted, when we have a round of nasty germs/viruses running rampant here, to turn off the heaters, throw open all the windows, wrap the kids up in quilts, pop them in front of a roaring fire, and let the house air completely out for several hours. Probably wouldn’t help, but it would definitely add to the “family stories.” 🙂

  5. One year we had it once a month for the first three months of the year! I am so sorry – I hope every one who is going to get sick, already has and it is over for you all!

    I also have the wrapping mess in my room! I haven’t posted much lately either! Now I know the cause!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Anyone who can have a sense of humor amidst vomit and cardboard is a winner in my book!

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet, sweet family.

  7. Oh you poor thing. It just ain’t right to have it 2 months in a row! Praying your quarantining does the job. Merry Christmas to your family!