How Can He Be Twenty?

How Can He Be Twenty?

It can’t be.  Today my oldest son is 20.  TWENTY.

There must be a mistake.  I only have to close my eyes and I can see him lying next to me in my bed.  So tiny, so new.

When I open my eyes again he is standing there 6’1″ tall….he looks like a man.  But it is too soon.

It was only yesterday that he was dragging Woody (with “Jacob” written on the bottom of one boot) everywhere with him.  I’d find Jacob asleep where he played…such a tired little boy.  He was always his own person.  He never felt the pull of peer pressure.

He was just a happy, simple kid.  He loved Legos, drawing and figuring things out.  He was always compliant and glad to do whatever I asked.

He would forget to take out the trash

This is how his brothers and sisters see him now….


It can’t be.


  1. Nice looking man – good job Mom…(he dwarfs you, I bet – I am not sure why but I have it in my head that you aren’t real tall).

  2. If he rides horses he and my soon to be 20 year old daughter could be twins! Isn’t that funny?
    He is handsome, Lisa. Stunning blue eyes – do all your kids have them? Seems like they do!



  3. Happy birthday, Jacob! 😀

  4. They just grow up too quick, it’s not fair, blink and they go from baby to full grown!
    Happy Birthday Jacob!

  5. Twenty. Two decades. A pair of ten whole, full, blessed years. Yes. Yes, it can be and it is. A very happy Jacob-birthday to you all. What a treasure.

  6. Awwww, what a precious face. What a precious smile. What a light in his eyes. And what a blessed mama you are to have such a young man to call you “Mom.” Enjoy celebrating him today! 🙂