Pinterest Friday Numero Cinco

Pinterest Friday Numero Cinco

I’m so delighted with myself this week.  I finally got some pumpkins for my front porch; my life is complete.

Speaking of pumpkins, this picture I found on Pinterest makes me feel all warm and cozy.

Don’t you just want to skip down that pumpkin-lined lane and see what is at the other end?  In a perfect world there’s pie.

Or maybe this is at the end….

This photo came from a book called, “Romantic Prairie Style.”  I was so happy to discover it came from a book.  If this was a real person’s porch I would feel completely inadequate.

One of my favorite pins of the week is this list of homemade Christmas gift ideas.  It’s 101 tutorials for gift ideas including these darling linen napkins.

My recipe for the week….chocolate.

Mississippi Mud Pie.  I still have to say the elementary school chant when I spell that.  M-I-crookedletter-crookedletter-I-crookedletter-crookedletter-I-humpback-humpback-I.

Last is my favorite saying of the week.


If you want an invite to Pinterest let me know.  I’d be thrilled to send you one!



  1. Celia Cawthon :

    This last one. The saying. Really touched me. I moved every year, sometimes more than once a year, while growing up.

  2. I don’t need to be a pinner when you are for me! Love all these. The dinner napkins are especially cute, huh?!

    I attempted to go to the Mississippi Mud Pie recipe, but it only showed another photo of it. I’ll try to Google that baby because I can get the cookie crust here in Manila. I’ve been looking for the graham cracker crust, though, for a calamansi (local fruit like a Key lime) pie.

  3. Celia, that one really got me too. I have had so many “friends” dump me over the years. I know who my true friend are!

    Kelley, thanks so much! I fixed the link. Key lime pie….YUM! I hope you find those graham crackers!


  4. Don’t you love that saying! A friend of mine posted it on her FB page recently and I’ve been asked to make a custom present with it. Umm that mud pie looks delicious! And thanks for posting the list for Christmas presents!! I’ve started working on ideas for gifts and this list is great!!

    Can I pick your brain sometime about your etsy shop? It is something we have been talking and praying about but I really want to “talk” to someone who has done it!

    Hope you have a glorious weekend!

  5. Peggy, I’d be thrilled to answer any questions! Shoot……


  6. the elementary school chant I used was different….Mrs. M, Mrs. I, Mrs. SSI, Mrs SSI, Mrs PPI!

    LoL the things that stay in our heads 🙂

  7. Love.That.Saying. Going to repin it now. I can see doing a friendship photo and that saying across, beside, below the picture…..

    Also going to follow the 101 Christmas Gift link….needing a napkin pattern, so that will be brilliant. And wanting to use my new found sewing skills to make stuff for people. Excellent.

    So happy you introduced me to Pinterest. So so happy about that!

  8. Love the arch, and of course the Mississippi Mud Pie! Yum…

  9. That PORCH! I must have a porch like that before I die- lemonade and all… and I agree: there really ought to be pie at the end of that trail. I would skip with you 😉

    Amy Callahan if you see this- THOSE are the new napkins we need to make for your new kitchen!

  10. The lady who the porch belongs to is a blogger. Her home is gorgeous.

  11. I love the house and especially the numbers….they are beautiful! Pinterest is great!!

  12. Lisa, I just recently stumbled across your blog and absolutely LOVE it! Your home and family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your life. I check for new updates all the time ! I also sent you a pinterest invitation request 🙂

  13. I LOLed when I read, “in a perfect world, there’s a pie”! That *would* be perfect, wouldn’t it!?

  14. I am with you on the pumpkins. There is something so fun about having pumpkins for fall decor. I have not got any yet. I usually get them when I take my kiddos to the local pumpkin patch and we haven’t been there yet. We need to hurry up, because I so love having pumpkins around! That first picture is so awesome and the porch and screen door in the second definitely make me swoon. Happy fall and pumpkining!


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