My New N

My New N

I’m still messing around with some of the things I got at Round Top a couple of weeks ago.  Jars and springs and other useless junk sits waiting for me to get inspired, which may take a while.

I immediately knew, however, what I would do with this baby.  I found an old, metal letter for Noah’s room.  Since everything but the walls is black and white, I KNEW this would be perfect.

So cool!  But wait, I’m looking at that picture and wondering, did I hang it upside down?!  Do y’all think that N is upside down?  Good grief.  I promise you, before I had kids I was as sharp as a tack.

Honestly, the chances are slim that I will actually go in there with a hammer and re-hang it.  I am sure I will be sorry someday when Noah can’t get a job because he writes all of his capitol letters upside down, so he never leaves home and ends up developing a passion for Ramen. Or should I say Яamen? All because of my laziness to turn the N the right direction.

The Lego wall behind his bed has been a huge help in keeping the Legos organized and off the floor.  The boys are great about sorting their Legos into the containers, although I need to get a few more buckets.  Sounds like I need a trip to IKEA.

And the Giant Legos are one of my favorite useless things I ever made.  And that’s saying something.  I’ve made a lot of useless things.


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! Very clever! 🙂

  2. I LOVE your Lego wall! Where was this idea 8 years ago when I desperately needed it? LOL!

    And I love the N! Did you leave it or turn it around the other way? My husband loves all things typography and numerical! I am surprising him with a big sign that has all the numbers from each home we have lived in since we got married. I think maybe actually finishing all the decorating projects and the clutter in room would be surprise enough for him though! LOL Trust me our house has been in a state of perpetual clutter and moderate disarray since we moved in… word of caution. NEVER, and I mean NEVER move into a MUCH smaller house (1/3 smaller) unless you have gotten rid of at least 1/2 (HALF) of all your stuff before the move!!! It gets overwhelming! But we now do have space to spread out a bit since the addition… time to organize.

    Can you possibly send me your address? I have a package for you (or rather your boys!)

  3. I always find it hard to work out if these sort of “N” are the right way round or not.
    I would like a huge “I” for Isaac’s room, but I have never seen any old metal letters, it’s really hard to find anything much in the way of letters here in Australia!

  4. Love it….I vote for upside down but there is something whimsical about it being that way!

  5. What a cute room! I do like the black and white! I would never have thought to do that in a boy’s room, since you mostly see it with pink or turquoise, but you got it perfect! Love it:)

  6. LOVE the room, sweet stuff, but your N’s upside down. I just took my laptop, turned it over, and it looks just like the N typed in this comment. Yep. Look at a typed N.

    I have to go back now and look at every detail of this awesome room, girl.

  7. I love his room too. If it were me, the upside down N would drive me crazy until I set it back right side up. But then again it’s a little boy’s room, so chances are he couldn’t care less!

  8. Love it! I have an 8 year old son with lots of Legos! I would love it if we could do something similiar. Not sure we have the right space, but I’m definitely hanging on to this idea.

  9. Lisa, Just go in there right now and turn that N over before it drives all of us crazy!

  10. Uh, yeah, could you go turn that thing the right way please? I agree with Cherie! 🙂

    You are such a creative mom! So clever!


  11. Lisa, Thanks for the giggle! Is Noah’s room always this neat and organized? Love the “N” and the giant legos are wonderful.

  12. Love your boys room, but I have to agree, I think that the “N” is upside down!

  13. Ok, I can never look at this post again! That N will haunt me.

  14. I like the N

  15. Yes! Your N is upside down! However, aside from fearing a future passion for Ramen, I think it gives the room character 😉

  16. That organizational system is jaw-dropping. LOVE those shelves!

  17. I need a better system for my boys’ Legos. I’m sure they would love this !

  18. Dearest Lisa,
    Have you turned that letter over to its proper position yet? Be honest!