I’m like Dora Without The MAP

I’m like Dora Without The MAP

It’s been a quiet week here at the Point.  People call and say, “How are you?  What are the kids up to?”  Umm….nothing.

I could tell them how Jacob fixed the garage door or that Faith had to find a leak in the pool, but that seems awkward.  Our lives are just not that interesting.

I did make my usual trip into the big city.  Since I only had four places to go I decided to take a big risk and not make a list.  “I will remember,” I thought.  Bad idea.

As soon as I got down there I felt the pressure so I started saying it over and over in my head, “Sam’s, Target, Hobby Lobby, health food store.  Sam’s, Target, Hobby Lobby, health food store.”  I was like a larger, older, less Hispanic version of Dora the Explorer.  If only I had the map maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so off course.

But I decided to stop in Best Buy.  I needed to find a replacement for the little rubber thing on my bluetooth that goes into my ear.  It keeps falling off causing me to scrape my ear cavity every time I try to answer the phone.  See?  I told you my life isn’t interesting.  These are my big problems.

Best Buy threw me off.  It’s like when you’re in the shower and you decide to wash your face first and THEN rinse out the shampoo.  This never works out well.  I get out of the shower and wonder, “Did I rinse?  Did I condition?”  Then I have to get back in the shower and do it all again for fear of having dirty hair.  Will I never learn to just stick with the routine?!

The same principle applies to Best Buy.  Because I stopped in there I messed up my little chant and forgot to go to Hobby Lobby.  Ugh!

Now I have to go back down there.  So I’m going to make the best of it and take the kids with me this time and we’ll go see “Dolphin Tale.”  I previewed it last week and it is cute. They will be very excited!

As I write this they are all dumping out their piggy banks to get their money.  They have to pay for their own movies, so it’s pandemonium around here.

I am making a new chant…”Dolphin Tale, Hobby Lobby.  Dolphin Tale, Hobby Lobby….”

Maybe I should write it down.


  1. Tell the children to remember. That’s why us old ladies have kids, isn’t it? K

  2. Haha, I’m a first grade teacher and I tell the kids the things I need to remember, too. Works every time!

  3. I asked one of my granddaughters to remember something for me (my memory is toast), and she asked, “What if I forget too?” I told her that we should just tie a string on her finger to remind her. Then she wondered out loud how the string would reach all the way to school…..

    It’s my fault, she never heard that OLD saying…..I’m still laughing tho 🙂

  4. Smiles abound on your blog and in your writing.

    Thanks for being cheerily, wittily, refreshingly YOU!


  5. Now I want to go see Dolphin Tale! We had a packed in “go out to the movies weekend” which is REALLY rare! But we didn’t go see Dolphin Tale instead we went and saw Courageous. Which I have to say was an AWESOME movie!!!!!!
    Have fun!!!!!

  6. I agree with khartman. That’s one of the reasons I had children. To help me remember what to do next…

  7. I agree with khartman too. Reminds me of when I made bread with some Amish women, and when measuring they all yelled out how many cups of flour. If they forgot where they were after kneading some in, they just hollered, “What’s the last number I called?” and a chorus of kids from all around would answer back.

  8. TLynn, That is too, too funny. When standing around with my children, my good friends will totally bypass me and give a message meant for me to one of them. They know I can’t remember my name some days. K