10 Things I Don’t Do…

1. I don’t drink coffee. 

I don’t know why.  I just never did.  James doesn’t drink it either, so it’s not even something we think about until we have guests…or I talk to my friend Angela.

2. I don’t wear pants.

Most of you know this about me already.  If you want to know more you can read my post on modesty.

3. I don’t celebrate Halloween. 

Our family believes that Halloween is a celebration of evil.  I don’t have any desire to say what anyone else should do, but for us it would compromise what Christ stands for.  We don’t do alternatives either, that seems no different.

4. I don’t eat olives….

….or tomatoes or pickles or pecans or brussel sprouts.  OK, so I’m a bit of a picky eater.  But if I came to your house and you made me any of these foods I would eat them and you would never know I didn’t like it.  I do know how to be polite.

5. I don’t follow sports.

This one is for my friend Lisa who keeps Tweeting me about baseball games and other sports chatter.  It’s another thing that James doesn’t do either, so it’s just not a part of our lives.

6. I don’t remember movies.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen it once or ten times, I won’t remember the details.  It drives James crazy, but I think of it as a good thing.  I can watch a movie a bunch of times and enjoy it every time (unless it’s awful of course).

7. I don’t like to hold hands.

This one James and I do not have in common.  He’d probably hold my hand all of the time, but I don’t like it.  It makes me feel overheated and uncomfortable.  If I try to hold someone’s hand while I’m walking I get all off balance and can’t walk.  It’s not like I fall over paralyzed or anything.  It’s more like my legs are tied together.  No coordination.

8. I don’t carry keys.

I’m not sure how this  got started.  I used to carry keys.  Then one day I just stopped.  If I’m driving I have my car key, but nothing else.  I don’t even have a key to my house.  I very rarely need it.  Either someone is home or I’m with other people that have a key.

9. I don’t ever want to live anywhere else.

This is the house I want to live in until I die.  It’s old and quirky and needs a lot of work, but I love it.

10. I don’t know where I will be next week.

We have been trying to put together a trip for Grace to go see some of her friends in Georgia.  If it works out, and that’s a very big if, we would be driving there next week.  If you are along the path from Texas to Georgia let me know and maybe we can stop and say hello!

What’s on your list of don’ts?


  1. I had a feeling you didn’t celebrate Halloween – neither do we! It’s BIG here in the media capital of the world – studio people who design stuff make BIG theatrical stuff in their front yards.

    I don’t do coffee either – but hubby does and most of my friends. I’m a Diet Coke/Coke Zero kind of a girl 🙂

    I know where I’ll be next week – Lord willing – I’ll be in Palm Springs! It’s our “luxury” trip! John’s work pays for the whole family to stay there – it’s a board conference and John’s CIO and so we get to order room service and everything! Super fun!

    I now know a little more about you…glad to know we’re not the only ones who don’t celebrate Halloween! I’ve got a lot of friends that don’t either…but it’s rare, unfortunately, and I agree whole heartedly with your “celebrations of evil” bit. We started passing out candy with tracks in it last year…we figured we at least could reach out to the hundreds of kids who come to our house and tell the of Christ’s love and how they are “tricked” and they could get the real “treat”….well, it’s one way to get the Gospel out there 🙂 Have a wonderful trip!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Would that be a round trip to Georgia via Australia? If so, please drop by! 😀 If not… well… that’s perfectly understandable. 😉

    My don’ts would include I don’t drink tea or coffee, simply because I can’t be bothered making it. Plus it makes me feel all hot after drinking it. 😛 I don’t like beans, I don’t wear a stick of makeup (ever), I don’t like walking on wet grass, and my family doesn’t celebrate Halloween either. 🙂

  3. I don’t drink coffee! 🙂

  4. I can’t STAND Halloween and I whole heartedly back you up there. So much so that when I was pregnant with my daughter (19 years ago) her due date was Oct. 3 and I prayed so hard that she would come early because I know that the whole month is associated with Halloween and she came a week early so her birthday is in September. LOL!
    I don’t carry a purse. I hate them. I will shove everything in my pockets to avoid carrying a purse. Hence why I “need” to wear pants. LOL! And obviously they can’t be skin tight or I wouldn’t be able to get my “purse” contents in them. LOL! I have a figure like a backpack. LOL!
    I don’t like to snuggle in bed. It makes me hot and I get all irritated. Ha! Ha! We don’t do follow sports either. To us it’s a big waste of time.
    But I do love me some coffee!
    You did want to know more about me right? I mean just because it’s your blog doesn’t mean it’s all about you, you know! Ha! Ha!

  5. 1. I don’t stay up late. Seriously, once that clock hits 10:00 pm I am in the bed.
    2. I don’t drink hot tea. I soooo want to like hot tea, it looks so good, but I just can’t get it down.
    3. I don’t run for exercise. Another one of those I soooo want to’s. But the get up and go just isn’t there right now.

  6. We don’t celebrate halloween either. It took us a few years of weeding it out totally (you know from the little church activities, but this year nothing) I like it that way. I’m learning that we are leading an entitely different life than most around us, and that’s okay because it’s right where God has lead us. I would love to not where pants anymore, seems I wear them too much….way too much!

  7. very funny. ha ha ha 😉

    it’s the coffee one i may not be able to deal with. my hubby doesn’t drink it…but i try to choose friends that do. hmmm 🙂 good thing i’m in love with you already. now…to change you! lol!

  8. 1. I don’t drink coffee – I love the smell, but don’t like the taste.

    2. We don’t follow sports, either. Grew up in a big sports following family, but my husband wasn’t that way so after nearly 24 years, I am not that way either!

    3. I don’t do beans…

    I think that is enough for today!

    Have a fun trip! Wish we were on the way from Texas to Georgia!

  9. I don’t fold underwear.
    I don’t separate darks from lights.
    I don’t eat air popped corn. Only oil popped, with lots of butter.
    I don’t do any chore that a kid can do. I’m strictly manager material.

  10. Guess when my b-day is??!!!! yup!! I HATE to tell people my DOB because the first thing EVERYONE says with glee is “Your birthday is on halloween!” or “Oh you’re a spooke baby!” I hate, hate it, hate it. Oh yeah we don’t do halloween and that really throws people off. lol And we don’t do the trunk or treat stuff either. Sometimes you just need to take a stand!!!

    Jess L.

  11. So glad to hear that there are Christians like you who DON’T celebrate halloween. We too feel that it is only a celebration of evil. I love your stand for modesty as well. Immodesty is creeping into our church, as well as wordly music. We are trying to stop it, but there are so many that feel there is nothing wrong with it. Could I ask you to please pray for me to stand strong for the LORD! It is Him whom we want to obey!

  12. No Halloween here either.
    No doing chores kids can do (I love that one – thanks, khartman!)
    No iced tea…. er, I’m in Scotland, for crying out loud. Our tea is HOT!

    Was gonna write more but hubby is telling me to switch the box off and go to sleep.
    I DO obey 😉

  13. 1. I don’t drink coffee or tea. I wish I did b/c there are so many yummy sounding flavors, but I can’t stand the smell or the taste of either.
    2. I don’t lift weights b/c they’re heavy and I don’t exercise b/c it makes me out of breath. 🙂
    3. I don’t like Halloween, at all! Or Valentine’s Day for that matter.
    4. I don’t like tomatoes, lima beans, cooked spinach, brussel sprouts or asparagus.
    5. I don’t like fish or any other creature that crawls or swims in the ocean.
    6. I don’t like scary movies and will not have them in my house.
    I have lots more “don’t likes,” but I have run out of time.

  14. I’ve never celebrated Halloween in my life, although my understanding of it and thoughts about it have evolved over the years.
    I also have never drunk coffee.

  15. This is the first time I’ve read your blog and I must say that I think we’re going to become GREAT blog friends!!!! I absolutely agree with everything you’re saying!!! Here’s my list of what I don’t do:
    1. I don’t wear pants. This changed when I was pregnant with our first girl. After having 2 boys & then having a girl I was ecstatic. However, when I went shopping I was extremely convicted and saddened by the apparel found in the stores (even for little girls). The lack of modesty was appalling. You can read more about on my blog if you like (titled Choices).
    2. I don’t exercise – unless you count chasing my 4 young kids (age 6 & under) around all day.
    3. I don’t hate public schools (I went to one my entire life), we’ve just chosen to homeschool.
    4. I don’t wear make-up – AT ALL!! When money became tight several years ago it was a luxury I happily gave up. Frankly, I hated having to take the time each day to put it on, so then it became only a Sunday or outing thing, which, let’s face it costs too much to keep up for that little use.
    5. We don’t celebrate Halloween either. We used to do the trunk or treat thing, but that too has come to an end.
    6. I don’t let my kids eat candy (for the most part). Yet another reason we stopped the trunk or treat thing. We had piles of candy that I would throw away every year just to go get more! RIDICULOUS!!
    7. I don’t like cuddling in bed or holding hands (unless its really cold outside). If we do cuddle its for maybe 2-3 minutes. I can’t stand anyone touching me when I sleep. Thankfully our kids don’t come into our bed at night or I might go insane! I’m not a big PDA person, so the holding hands thing is just weird to me.
    8. I don’t like beans of any kind (except green beans), brussel sprouts or broccoli.
    9. I don’t like my food to touch. Just grosses me out! (Did I mention I’m a little picky too?)
    10. I don’t delegate very well. I’m a picky housekeeper like you, but I’m not good at letting others help. (I am trying to get better though!)

    Sorry I took up so much space – but you asked! LOL Have a blessed day!

  16. I don’t drink coffee.
    I don’t eat those things you don’t eat. Except fresh from the garden tomatoes, sliced, with salt sprinkled on them. I, however, am apparently not as polite as you. If I came to your house and you served any of those items (except the tomatoes), I would not eat them. Because if I did, the result would be bad. As in, I’d likely gag involuntarily and spit the food back out. Which would actually be impolite. So perhaps not eating said foods is more polite on my part.
    I don’t not carry keys. Unless hubby is driving.

  17. You crack me up, my friend! I’ve just started drinking coffee and it’s lovely. {sigh} I just don’t kiss my hubby right after drinking it. We don’t do Halloween either. Ugh. We want our kids to share in our conviction and not be judging others who do. It’s a hard thing to balance sometimes. My hubby and I are those “touchy-feely” kinda folks so we’re almost always holding hands or touching in some way when we’re together. (Sorry if you want to puke now.)

    You’ve inspired me to make my own list on my blog. Hmmmm, what can I come up with? Of course I’ll be linking back here as you (once again) are inspiring me.

  18. If you came to my house I would not serve you a hot cup of coffee and a piece of pecan pie….or stuffed tomatoes….and definitely not brussell sprouts (but when I was little I thought they looked like a head of cabbage for my Barbie dolls – but I still didn’t eat them).

  19. Well, I love coffee and drink plenty! We don’t celebrate Halloween either, but a few years ago we decided to take all the kids and we go out in our town where everyone is trick-or-treating and we take candy and Halloween tracts and give them out to everyone we see. It kind of takes people by surprise that we walk around giving out the candy and tracts rather than getting candy with our 7 children, but we have seen some good response from it. I often forget movies and even books I’ve read, but I do manage to remember the most impacting ones. I think it is because I lose brain cells with each additional child! I love travel and change. We will be moving soon, and it most likely will not be where we live out the rest of our lives, but sometimes I do get a hankering for the security of knowing that would be a settled part of my future. I love artsy, creative things such as sewing/embroidery, painting, decorating, etc. For a long time I had accepted the criticism that those things were materialistic and unimportant in the “eternal” scheme of things, but have now come to enjoy that this is just one detail of how God has made me in His image – creating beautiful things!

    I appreciate you and your blog, Lisa. It is nice to have a friend like you and I always find encouragement in your blog!