Pinterest Friday Numero Dos

Twice in a row y’all.  Maybe I will be able to stick with the Pinterest Friday thing.  I hate to build up your expectations only to have them dashed by the randomness of my dedication.  Like my trips to the grocery store…..I am on a mission to get everything on my list and out the door but then I get distracted by frozen pies.  Pies are for holidays and very special occasions.  The very idea that I could have one any time makes me stare at the glass door and wonder….could it possibly be OK for me to have a pie now?  In the middle of September?

I never buy them.  It seems too indulgent.  Yes, I have a weird attachment to the idea that you can only eat pie on Thanksgiving and don’t get me started on my grandmother’s cornbread dressing.  I crave it all year but will not allow myself to make it.

I think I got off topic here.  Pinterest…oh yes.  I can have Pinterest every day with no guilt.  Yummy.

The pin this week that got the most repins is this bedroom:

I love the sweet simplicity of it.  The girls and I are working on plans to redo their bedroom and this is inspiration.

This next wooden crate end table has me drooling.  I think it’s the wood table against the white that really makes my heart go pitter pat.  I like it so much I’ve accidentally pinned it three separate times without realizing it.

Of course I have to include a recipe.  I’m torn between the “Best Guacamole” and the Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake.  While I love chocolate, guacamole is really my weakness, my cryptonite, my summer version of pie.  I want it all of the time but only allow myself to eat it at Mexican restaurants.  Now that I have this recipe I may go crazy with the guacamole.

Then I thought, “Why not show both?!”  I am breaking away from my weird food rules….watch out people!

This next one is in my Pinterest Board called, “Things my kids would LOVE.”  I just want to see the looks on my boys’ faces when I tell them their bath is ready and they go in to find the water glowing in the dark.

Glow sticks?!  Who comes up with this stuff?  I wonder what it would be like in the pool at night.  My head is spinning with ideas!

Lastly this one just makes me smile.  I can’t help it.  I think it every time.

If you need an invite to Pinterest let me know.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I’ve *stalked* your blog for awhile, but now I feel it is definitely my time to speak up & share.

    My siblings & I used to use glow sticks in our pool for years! It is so much fun! I definitely encourage it. 🙂

  2. Great pins, one and all! Isn’t it fun? I love seeing all the things you like. And my niece, and my other friends. 🙂

  3. Okay, what I want to know, having now browsed a few people’s boards……where do you find the things to pin????

    A forum I belong to had a “link your board here” thread, and I browsed the boards and found it amazing. So, is that where you find the things you post? By browsing other boards, and pinning to yours???

    And then, is it searchable?? How on earth do you find “cool bedroom for my girls”? See my dilemma??? I think I need this, as we’re moving to a bigger house which will have a school room (never had one), a stair case with no railing and I need to create a visual barrier (never had to do that before) and a teeny tiny sewing room (never had one of those either…). All of which I need ideas for. Which I know I could find on people’s boards, if only I knew how to search them……is it easy?? Can I figure it out??? If you think yes, send me the invite after all…..;-)

    And — why is your current FB profile pic NOT listed in your etsy shop?????? I am so curious about the tote/bag/duffell/whatever it is!!! and I am sure I need and want one. Alas, it is not in the etsy shop yet. Which is just mean. 😛

    Also — we must be partly related. The color blue that you so clearly love is my favorite color blue ever. The aqua/turquoise/blueish bliss. -sigh- Your blog and house makes me happy just having that color.

    ‘kay, enough rambling. Sorry. Back to blogging…..

  4. You do realize there will come a time when you no longer know the French numbers and have to re-title, right?

    I, too, love that bedroom and end table. You know how I feel about the guac, (don’t tell me what’s in the green sauce I love so much at our Mexican place…I’m still convinced it’s just peas.) I have a cartoon sized bag of chocolate chips from Costco – I’m putting that cake on my list. Pick up some glow sticks at the dollar store – pool at night would be great. The kids could dive for them. Better hurry, I’m hoping Fall is on the way…

  5. Debbie, hooray for you! I’m so glad you came out of hiding to tell me that great idea! I’m all over it.

    Anne, I agree 100%. Seeing what my friends like is the best part.

    Reader, so much to say. You MUST try it. I will invite you today so you can join the party. You will thank me later.

    Sara, it did occur to me when I couldn’t figure out how to spell dos (which is Spanish, by the way) that I might be in trouble. If you make that cake I will expect you to save me a slice or seven. I’m off to the dollar store….


  6. Pennie Prislovsky :

    Did you notice the pinecones in the bedroom window? See, other people are obsessed too!

  7. Thank you!

    And, when you run out of numbers, I can supply Portuguese….

  8. Love the crate, love guacamole too, just as well I don’t wait until I go to a Mexican Restaurant though, because we have none in our town and I can’t remember being to one for at least six years – that’s way too long between guacamoles for me!!!

  9. I was going to get on until I realized that I needed an FB account so it may need to wait awhile… but I have looked on my mom’s and I have just loved some of the stuff I’ve seen.

    The white couch with the dark crate came from Dreamy Whites… she did her girls room and it was absolutely beautiful! Not sure if I would go with the all white thing but it really is beautiful! you can see it here…


  10. P.S. Ok now I really want to do the glow sticks in the pool at night! I REALLY like swimming at night!! it is one of my favorite things to do!!!!

  11. Ah yes, the macaroni box. That little section NEVER opens for me. Never.

    Glow sticks in the pool! What???

    That cake looks so good. Oh my.

    Love the bedroom. So simple and clean.

  12. Spanish… French… Same thing, right?
    Don’t tell anyone I homeschool my kids.

  13. Great.. and would love and invite to pinterest!! Looks like a great place!

  14. I love that bedroom – great inspiration! Can’t wait to see what you and the girls come up with!

    Light sticks in the tub would make me the most amazing mom ever.

    I sent you a friend request on FB – why don’t I think of these things sooner?


  15. As if I
    need another obsession: please send invite! P.S. love your blog!

  16. Hi! I recently found my way to your blog. I just love reading about your family life and seeing how you make it all work. You have given me so many laughs this week – I’d forgotten about Goofus and Gallant! I have been trying to hold out on joining Pinterest, but after seeing those meatball cupcakes, I know it’s FUTILE to resist! It would totally rock if you would be so kind to send an invitation my way. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  17. oh my GOODNESS, but that last picture of the “push here to open” just cracked me up! But, just what IS Pinterest? I have a college student….I should know….but I don’t.

  18. These ideas are wonderful! Can’t wait to try the bath lights for my boys! New to your blog, and I LOVE it! If you have anymore invites, could you send one my way? Thanks!


  19. Just re-pinned that chocolate cake recipe. Oh. My.

  20. I would love an invite…I am actively searching for something new to get involved in, now that facebook has gone whacko!

  21. I would like an invite- I’ve heard so much about Pinterest- Thanks