Monday Makes Me Tired

Monday Makes Me Tired

Am I the only person that wonders where the weekend went?  Gone, just gone and now it’s Monday and I have too much to do.

On Saturday the kids and I made a mad dash to finish all of our projects from last week, clean the house and make a “Welcome Home” dinner for James and Jacob.  The plan was to finish by noon then rest before the boys arrived.  But we were still working right up until they pulled in the driveway.

It was nice though, to have the house all spic and span for my guys.  They were so tired from their trip and we all wanted to hear every little detail.  We all sat around in the bedroom and listened as Jacob recalled the highlights of his first week of law school.  He talked more than he’s talked in 19 years combined.  I was riveted to every word.

Afterward we had burgers and a family swim party.  That’s our favorite thing to do these days.  With the whole family in the pool, James and I try to find a “quiet” corner to float peacefully and talk.  It’s pretty much impossible.  Every time we settle into a serious discussion a little boy swims under our legs to surprise us or the game someone is playing splashes all over us.  There’s not much we can do about it.  It seems wrong to start yelling, “Children!!!  Will you PLEASE stop squealing with delight and playing so well together?!?!  We are trying to TALK HERE!”

My goal for Sunday was to get ready for school to start today and get some photos uploaded.  Sounds easy, right?  Small goals, no problem.  Sadly, for no reason I can explain, I didn’t get any of it done.  I kept saying to myself, “I need to get to work,” but I never really moved in that direction.  I have no idea what I did yesterday, but it wasn’t getting ready for school or uploading photos.

I did accomplish one goal which was to take pictures of the boys outside.  Some workers left their large equipment in our yard over the weekend and I was determined to let the boys climb around on it while I snapped some shots.  The boys were thrilled.  If you’re an 8 year old boy, life doesn’t get much sweeter than playing on a bulldozer.  They were filthy when we were finished, but it was totally worth it.


Noah: pensive.

Adam: goofy

Elijah: sweet

Levi: silly

I played with one of the pictures of Levi….

But this one is my favorite:

Why do those little fireman boots melt my heart?

All in all a good weekend.  How about you?


  1. Matthew had those EXACT boots!! They ended up with holes all in them. But guess what?? I still have them and won’t be letting them go!! 🙂

  2. Bought a microwave, 220V.

    Slept on an air mattress. Again.

    Waiting on our container to arrive. *smile*

  3. The first photo of Levi on the seat of the tractor looks like a vintage photo! Fun stuff for boys!

    Where is Jacob going to law school? Sounds like he had a great week!


  4. Oh my, that Levi looks just like you! Adorable!

  5. Spent the weekend at the beach. The seven year old couldn’t enough of or far enough into the water to suit her fancy, the 16 year old thought it was okay but kinda boring (he wanted to play football), the 14 year old made sure the snacks didn’t build up, and the 12 year old tried to guard the 7 year old from danger. She didn’t want guarding. My husband and I tried to make sure everyone stayed happy! 🙂 haha sounds exhausting, eh? We DID enjoy it though! 🙂

  6. So very glad things went so well for Jacob! This is such a huge milestone for him. 🙂

    I understand about the weekend disappearing. We experienced the same phenomenon here.

    I completely understand why the picture of those little feet dangling inside the fireman boots is your favorite!! SO ADORABLE!!! Squeezeably adorable!

  7. Beautiful photos – love the little dangling feet.

  8. Oh my goodness, the wellies….. *faint* 🙂 Ah-dor-able

  9. Your boys are so handsome! Mud is so totally worth it when boys are being boys.

  10. Love the pictures. What handsome boys. And the wellies are ever so sweet.

    So I’m not the only one who sits down to work on school plans only to find myself wondering where on earth the day went and what happened to all the plans? I think an evil gremlin stole in and erased them when I wasn’t looking. Or something like that.

    As to days of the week? Well, this has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had 3 Fridays, 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday, and 3 Mondays. I have NO idea what tomorrow will be, although according to these ritual paper items called ‘calendars’ it will be Friday. We’ll see.