The Anniversary Party, Part II

The Anniversary Party, Part II

Before we leave the anniversary topic altogether, I want to tell you how amazing the party actually was.  You saw the decor and the lights and the food, but the very best part was the fellowship and uplifting of one another.

It was a small group and that made the interaction sweet.  Our friends are amazing people.  They are godly, loving, serving and caring.

After dinner and much laughter, we scooted our chairs into an informal circle and began to share.  Each of the men had something that the Lord put on their heart and one at a time they expressed their thoughts.  Some read Scriptures, some shared their experiences, all of them were very encouraging.

All of these couples have been married a long time and we seldom stop to reflect on marriage.  It is a good thing to remember to pay attention every once in a while.  Together we reflected on God’s wisdom in giving us our spouses and how much we have learned from each one another.

After the men shared, the women talked a little about the relationships we have with each other.  I was humbled to hear some ways I have blessed them because I know how much more they each bless ME.  Lastly, we all prayed together and thanked God for our marriages and for the opportunity to spend the time together.

After the discussion died down, we turned the music back on.  I found some jazz hymns that were perfect for an adult evening under the stars.  We naturally drifted into smaller groups and further ministered to each other.  Some were laughing, some were talking about their children’s weddings, in one corner a few men were helping someone with a problem and I was sitting and watching my friends enjoy each other.

As the couples left one by one, James and I would glance at each other and smile, knowing how much each couple meant to us and how grateful we are to know them.  When everyone was gone, we invited our older children (who were still cleaning up dishes inside) to join us outside.  We all sat there talking about the joys of the evening and we thanked them profusely for serving so selflessly so we could enjoy the party.

Everyone was too tired to bring the rest of the decorations inside.  That could wait until tomorrow.  We unplugged the outdoor lights and crawled into bed, sighing with satisfaction.

It was a glorious evening led by the Holy Spirit.  No amount of planning decorations or cooking can create that.  It takes years of loving others and building relationships, prayer and a loving family.

Thank you all for sharing this with me and letting me tell you all about it.  I pray that each of you be as blessed.

A beautiful outdoor anniversary party!


  1. Ohhh Lisa!!! What a wonderful blessing to be able to have such an evening with your friends and truly be blessed by the Lord during it!
    Well done to your big kids for helping out so you could have an “adult” evening.

  2. Lisa,
    What an incredible testimony! What an incredible blessing! It is such a profound thing to live life in community as the Body of Christ, and to encourage each other in our walk with Him and with each other. I’m sure the angels were rejoicing as they witnessed such a holy event. May your next 25 be even more glorious than the first 25. And tell your children we are all so very proud of them for their servant hearts! :)

  3. OK…I comment rather infrequently, but I just commented on your other two anniversary posts, and then I read this one! Oh my. I am so glad that you shared the best part of your party!

    I was listening to a Rich Mullins song today and a line that stuck me was this:
    “And if I were a painter I do not know which I’d paint: the calling of the ancient stars or assembling of the saints.”

    The “assembling of the saints” is beautiful indeed!

  4. Truly the icing (and silver sprinkles!) on your anniversary cake! So very thankful for your marriage, my Texan friend. May you have 25 x 25 more anniversaries just as nice.

    P.S. You folks are a great example to the fruit of your marriage.

  5. Lisa, this is so beautiful. What a wonderful way to have spent your 25th anniversary. I#m sure you’re giving big thanks to your kids; thanks to your friends; to yourselves for the work you put into the party; but no doubt, you’ll be giving the greatest thanks to the One who made all this possible.
    I don’t think I could think of a better way to spend my Silver Wedding Anniversary. (not that I will have that, but a woman can dream!)

  6. What a beautiful anniversary gift to yourselves – the fellowship of likeminded friends.

    Praise the Lord for long, happy marriages!


  7. What a beautiful testimony to the love our Father has for us–through the relationship of marriage!
    I am having a gathering of my friends come tonight. I think I shall sit and watch them a little bit, cherishing each face and heart, too.
    2 years ago Mark and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary and our girls served the whole meal-aprons and everything. To 20 people. They were exhausted! But, I know they were as grateful, as I’m sure your children are, to have parents that are still together and still loving and still honoring to one another.
    Not only do we watch others, they are watching us.
    Let’s leave a legacy of commitment and truth to the next generation and the one after the one after that!
    (Yes! I wanna Birfday hug when I see you!!)

  8. Happy Happy Anniversary!

  9. A wonderful idea for a party. Many blessings during the next 25!

  10. This post made me cry. My parents have friends like this. My husband and I are 34 and are finally moving to a long-term community (in ten days!). I dearly hope we can make really good friends like you described.
    Congratulations on your years together! Your love for each other and for the people around you is clear!

  11. what a blessing you are to me…to others…especially to young mothers and wives. I pray right now that you are blessed TEN-fold what you have given to others. I pray for many many more healthy years together. I pray you grow old together to see your children’s children blessed by the love their Grandparents share.
    Love you dearly, Lisa! Happy anniversary,
    from one ofthe other Lisas

  12. What a precious way to spend your anniversary. 25 years of marriage is quite a testimony in an age of disposable relationships. Thanks so much for sharing your party with us – the decorations were beautiful! You amaze me with your resourcefulness.

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