Is It Friday?

Is it Friday already?  The summer is speeding by.  Maybe that’s why it is so hot….the world is moving too fast.

Another question: If I am so busy, why does it seem like I am not getting much done?

I am blaming James’ law school.  His finals this week have me taking care of everything in the house by myself.  It’s been worse than tax season.  No husband.  No one to ramble on to about nothing and get all of my daily words out with.  I mean really, shouldn’t that be his first priority?  Listening to me talk about nothing for long periods of time?

Usually James and I have a date on Friday night. He informed me yesterday that his brain would be fried tonight and he would prefer I have a nice dinner for him at home.  We could watch a movie and just eat in our recliners.  How lovely.  He also allowed me to drive to Sonic yesterday for him since he was studying and apparently couldn’t continue without a cherry slush.  And while I hate to make it look like my life is dangerously close to perfection, I got myself some crushed ice while I was there.

Yesterday I rode in the car with Jacob for about an hour.  I thought about using some of my words on him, but that would be lost on Jacob.  At one point he told me that he was learning a new computer language….he already knows 2.  I listened for a while, then suggested he might make a little time in his schedule to learn human languages.  Like maybe he could learn what it is like to have emotions so that when he gets a wife he will have a clue what is happening when she starts crying over nothing.  He informed me that he has emotions, they are just under control, like Spock (raising one eyebrow as he spoke).  I just grinned that mother-grin that says it all, “You know nothing my child.”

I think we will just chill out on Saturday.  Lemonade, air-conditioning, swimming pools, movie stars….

What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. You have my kind of summer! Relaxing and not rushing off places. I have some friends running their kids all over the place and it makes me tired thinking about it! Other than swimming lessons, we just go with the flow in the summer! You’re poor hubby…and YOU get to be the sweet, loving wife just ready to gush over with a hundred thousand words as soon as he says “okay”!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Becky, you’re so right. I joke, but it really is my poor hubby that is having a rough time. He is stretched nearly beyond his limit and I am glad to have his dinner ready when he says, “Okay.” 🙂 Lisa~

  3. What do I have planned? I am sending you to get me a strawberry limeade, that’s what.
    And, I too, am doing lot’s of stuff, but I feel as if I’m getting nothing done.
    And I don’t feel as if the summer is speeding by. Yet. It feels like it is passing painfully, yet thankfully, slow(ly).
    I am getting rid of stuff on etsy, eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.
    And what I am doing with the things that don’t go into those categories, is putting THAT stuff in the yard sale pile.
    I am also moving ( I take an armful up or down three stories of stairs each time I am headed that direction) Sarah’s room to the basement office and moving the basement office up to Sarah’s room (sans Mark’s L-shaped desk, bookcase, file cabinet with hutch, the old scanner, the old inkjet printer, the old black laser printer, the old computer and smaller monitor–those are going to Craigslist :). I am also preparing for a trip to you-know-where, and preparing for a South Korean girl from guess-where. I also have a wedding to go to next weekend, but my college girl to pick up in NC on they way up-she’s the photographer.
    So, yeah, in addition to making food, and going potty, and cleaning, and going to church and breathing, I’d say I need that strawberry limeade right about now. So get going.

  4. Your weekend sounds lovely! I have been waiting for a lazy-ish day all summer, and this weekend it is not to be…but we are planning to be perfectly, contentedly lazy on Monday and Tuesday. Sigh…
    Oh, and the graduation I was telling you about…the one where I just KNEW I was going to cry and was so worried about? It was this past weekend. And cry. I. did. And it was okay. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.
    Now you enjoy that pool and lemonade and air conditioning this weekend…and I’ll think of you on Monday and Tuesday when we are vegging out. 😉

  5. Leslie has already wished me a “fun” weekend, to which I replied that she HAD to say have fun.

    My FUN Weekend:
    — Scour the Li’l Dutchgirl (our RV) from top to bottom… all with my non-dominant left hand because the middle finger on my right hand is in a splint
    — Put the Li’l Dutchgirl in storage, which means dumping and emptying all tanks, blocking all windows with reflective covering followed by black felt, resulting in a tomb-like interior atmosphere and inducing the Li’l Dutchgirl’s deep three- to four-year-long nap
    — Cover the Li’l Dutchgirl with the biggest “blanket” on earth (custom RV cover)… and it’s 101 degrees out there, folks
    — Dab my eyes with Puffs Plus Lotion facial tissues as we pull away from the Li’l Dutchgirl
    — Get Vanna White (our Ford van) detailed… She’ll be cleaner than she’s been since we bought her 30 June 2001.
    — Sell Vanna to a family here in Arizona who plans to pick up Sunday school kids with her; Vanna’s been longing for the pitter patter of dusty kiddos’ feet again.
    — Prop my feet on Vanna’s dashboard one last time; She’s been a good ol’ girl.

  6. If it stays dry – yard work – I will need to work all day to make up for all the wet days this week!!

    Your conversation with Spock jr. made me smile. 🙂

  7. So is your son driving??????? Our poor hubbys having to listen to all our extra words, I kow I wear mine out. Enjoy your lemon aid.

    Cha Cha

  8. My husband is working this weekend – 2 twelve hour days, so we will be just hanging around…relaxing, playing,watching movies. I may paint – we have a few rooms whose paint needs to be freshened up.

    Your weekend sounds good!


  9. Here in Oz it is a bleak overcast wintery Saturday. This weekend involves soccer, soccer and some more soccer, games refereeing and a carnival!

  10. If I am so busy, why does it seem like I am not getting much done?….. That sounds like me!!
    I think your ‘date night’ in the house sounds absolutely wonderful. Somehow I’m going to get my hubby to read this post (if you knew my hubby and computers, you’d know this will be no easy task!)…. then maybe he’ll think, ‘Oh, I ought to suggest a date night for me and my wife…. even a date night in the house…. something….ANYthing…’
    We shall live in hope 🙂

    Oh, and ice drinks?? I’m having to have hot drinks through the day just to keep warm. Really, high 40s and low 50s, with a sea breeze…. = cold

  11. I wish I could send you a big ole Sonic gift card and then both of you could run to Sonic and drink slushies till your hearts are content!

    I too am bursting at the seams with words when Mark comes home. He’s pretty good about it though. He does like to have a few minutes of quiet time alone in our room when he gets home and then we can all bombard him with our useless drivel.

    Its wonderful to have such patient loving husbands, isn’t it?