9 Things I Love to Talk About

It’s been quiet around here, not much going on in the summer.  If it wasn’t so hot it would be my favorite time of year.  But I’m not a hot weather kind of girl.  I don’t like to sweat.

I thought, since we are pretty boring these days, I’d give you an update on the kids.  We’ll go from youngest to oldest:

Levi (3) has some new interests…..colors, spelling and body parts.  It makes for some interesting conversations:

He’ll point somewhere on my body and ask, “What is that?”

“That’s my elbow,” I reply (this is exciting stuff, right?).

“How do you spell it?”


“What color is it?”

What color is my elbow?  Good grief!  Why do I have to answer such difficult questions?

The three boys, Noah (12), Adam (10) and Elijah (8) are pretty much into anything involving swimming.  They are in the pool all day every day.  Sometimes I go out there to float around and spend time with them.  I get on my water lounger and hang out while they play.  That is until they start playing their new favorite game, “Shoving Mommy’s float into their brother and trying to annihilate each other.”  Mommy doesn’t like that game, it gives her a tummy ache.

The next three girls, Hope (17), Faith (15) and Patience (14) are working on setting up their own etsy shop.  They are enjoying creating products that highlight their individual talents.  It’s cute…..and exhausting.  “Mom, can you stop and pick up more beads for me?”  “Mom, I need some envelopes.”  “Mom, are you awake?”

Jacob (19) is finishing up his application for law school.  If all goes according to plan he will start in August.  I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  My baby boy that used to pretend he couldn’t hear me when his eyes were closed is going to start his own life…..waaahhhh!!!  Now I want to get back in the pool and let the little boys nauseate me some more.

Grace (21) is still working for James and doing her own video projects.  She’s gotten really into The Great Courses.  They are college level courses designed for lifelong learning.  That’s the amazing thing about homeschooling, instead of school being about grades and tests, it’s about learning.  Our kids want to keep learning after school is over.  Her favorites are physiology and history.  She’s much cooler than I was at 21 when my main interests were shopping and “All My Children.”

That’s the whole summer for us.  If any of you know what color my elbow is I’d appreciate you letting me know.


  1. I look so forward to reading your updates. I love your sense of humor.

  2. It sounds like a pretty good start to Summer to me. LOL! My daughter once asked me why our tongue was wet. I actually thought that was pretty profound for a 3 year old. LOL! She’s now 17, I wonder if she figured it out yet? I can’t remember what I told her.
    I hope the rest of your Summer is as “eventful” as it’s start.
    Have a fabulous day.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the “dog days”. Can’t imagine it being more exciting than this! You could come visit us this summer if you get too bored… we pretty much eat, sleep and swim.

  4. What a rich tapestry you all are weaving with your days in the fabric of your family–glorious days.

  5. Mmmm – why do wee boys go from pretending to be asleep to applying to law school all in the space of a couple of weeks? Why??? I have one of them too, and I too go Waaaahhhhh!

    Haven’t checked out the colour of my own elbow, but I’m not very good with the moisurisers so I’m guessing it’s not the prettiest of sights 😉

    Hope you all had a great Memorial Day 🙂

  6. Your elbow is the color of grease, whatever that is. Someone should produce a movie about your elbow. And call it, no! Not “Grease.” Call it “The Color Elbow.”

  7. I’m ashamed to admit that I was addicted to All My Children in college! My oldest turns 12 in a few days. I hope she will still love learning when she’s 21!

  8. Just want you to know that I can relate to you not wanting to sweat. But I thought that you knew that we Southern women don’t sweat, we glisten!

    That’ an important difference. I think.

    Loved getting to “meet” your children.


  9. Great to hear all your family are doing, its great when they are so motivated and keen to do their own thing. Glad you are enjoying your pool (well sort of).

  10. I DETEST sweating. In any shape or form. Right now our garden has to be hoed at least every other day, and even though I have three kiddos big enough to help, I am still out there. Sweating. Ugggg….

  11. Depends – do you have psoriasis?

  12. Sweating isn’t my thing either. Last weekend, we were camping in your neck of the woods. In the heat of the afternoon, I had to go into the tent and change the little one’s diaper. I thought I was going to DIE. I couldn’t think straight. I was melting, I just know it!

    You could always rub some water color paint on your elbow and THEN answer the question. Or better yet, have Levi answer the question; and then call it “school”. I love those days.

    And, I was addicted to General Hospital. Sad, isn’t it?

  13. Skin color. Generic answer that covers it for my brown, black, and white kids.

  14. How exciting for your son! I don’t want to think about them growing up so fast. My younger daughter is up to her elbows in milk. I think I’ll go join her.