Space Walk

Our kids entered a 36-hour video contest this weekend.  They got their assignment at 9:00 on Friday morning and had to turn it in on Saturday.

Here’s the result….a three minute sci-fi spoof.

Let me be clear that there is NO redeeming value to this movie.  If you are looking for depth or a deep, moving experience you won’t find it here.

If you just want three minutes of oddball silliness, you’re in the right place.


  1. Hmmmm, yes. Oddball silliness. LOVED it and they are amazingly creative!!!! Still chuckling….

  2. Oddball silliness is how we roll in my house and we just laughed out loud!! Loved it!! That was GREAT! I wish I was your kid…

  3. very clever, well done kids!!!

  4. Love, love, loved it!!! The cute silliness and the twists on the beaming down/tubing down….hilarious!

  5. They did a great job! Little Levi adds the perfect touch. They did Faith’s hair perfect! I have to say you give those chickens a little to much free reign, the i-pods and now this? LOL!


  6. LOVE IT!!!!! What brilliant, talented, humorous children you have!

  7. Nicely done. We were chuckling here (and had to watch it twice of course.) The little boys deserve Oscars!

  8. Somebunny hand ’em a trophy…


  9. Kelley, if we give ’em a trophy, I’ll paint it white and use it in the living room! LOL! Lisa~

  10. Love it! So much fun!

  11. I enjoy your kids ~~ so clever, creative and CUTE!

  12. That was awesome!! They did a great job. How fun for them to do.

  13. Oh wait, that was Patience. They look a lot a like!

  14. Hilarious! So creative!

  15. Debbie Mantik :

    My 14 yr old son and I watched it and we both gave it a Thumbs Up! This video gets at least 5 Stars! Or is it 3? I can’t remember the rating system.

    Anyway, your kids did a fabulous job–so funny and creative. I bet they win the contest! (Be sure to mention to the judges the 3-5 star rating the video has already received.)

  16. love it! your kids are talented and dedicated! I wish my students were as good!

  17. A thumbs up from Austin, Fiona, and Rebecca : ) !

  18. That was fun! Your kids are very creative!