A New Summer Theme on a Shoestring

A New Summer Theme on a Shoestring

I am so excited to show my my new el-cheapo summer decorations.

For the past few years I used shells and did a beach thing, but I was tired of it.  So I did what I usually do, I obsessed over it for a while then I got an idea and obsessed even more.

I decided to use a sports theme for my summer decor.  I know, I know.  We’re not exactly sports people.  We don’t run, we don’t own skateboards, we don’t even toss balls around in the yard.  But this is not your typical sports theme, no autographed jerseys framed on the walls.  It’s vintage, or at least old and otherwise useless.

I rummaged for weeks in every thrift store within 100 miles and hunted and dug for just the right things.  I was looking for items that would bring an energy to the rooms but cost next to nothing.  Summer, outdoor fun was the message.  Once I found what I wanted,  I took it all out in the backyard and spray painted it with various shades of white.

Of course I changed out what was in the frame over the green couch, like I do every season.  I used a piece of beadboard that was left from our front porch redo a few years back and painted it with some leftover paint from my bathroom.  By drilling a few holes I was able to wire the rackets to the board.

On the coffee table I painted a wire basket that a friend gave me.  It was bright yellow, but with a bit of spray paint, it was perfect to hold my freshly painted golf balls, baseballs and badminton birdies.

Yep, that’s a bowling ball on the shelf below the glass.  I painted it white and wrapped twine around it.

One of my favorite things is the oval frame I found at the flea market and painted white.  It holds a fun picture of my three little boys being silly.  What says summer fun more than playing outside?  You can’t tell from my bad photography, but this frame is large, it’s a 16″ x 20″.  It’s hanging over the other couch in the room.

And now you can see what I did with all of the old trophies I found…..I took them all apart and re-assembled them.  Then I did my thing with spray paint and voila!  They are all white and summery.

On my piano I used my true love, the Cricut, to cut out a bicycle for the platter.  Love it!

Doesn’t it make you want to stop everything and go ride a bike?

Another trophy….

I used a loving cup to hold a little plant.

Now we’re ready for the summer.  The living room has a renewed energy and it’s bright and cheery.

I’ve got a lot more to show you in the dining room/school room.  But I don’t want to overwhelm you.  You might get confused and think I actually move around and do physical activity and I don’t want to give you the wrong impression.  I’m a slug at heart.


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  1. My favorite element: the bicycle on the plate! I noticed it immediately with a smile. It’s precious, as is the entire living room. When are you invitin’ me to come lie around in it and read those interesting books?

  2. Great ideas and fun for summer!

    For summer I changed out my red accessories for blue and yellow and while in Florida we collected shells at the Gulf…they are in canning jars on various shelves. Different from our norm…Fun change.

  3. Lisa, your taste is just gorgeous, and to have the eye and then the skill to carry out what’s in your mind…. I’m envious :)

    Oh, to have summery weather – I’d love to go ride a bike, but in 50mph winds…. er, think I’ll stick to my two feet. Indoors;)

  4. What a charming room~ I am loving your color theme~ the aqua and white is perfect for summer! Your bicycle plate is darling too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You really DO have a great eye for these things! Everything looks amazing!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  6. Wow, first of all the plate really caught my eye – how cute is that? Your room looks fabulous as well – so much attention to detail! I like how you’ve layered your mirrors and I’m curoius about your ladder…

  7. have you ever considered using all these photos to make a portfolio and take up home design as an occupation….God has surely blessed you with the talent <3

  8. Suh-weet. I’ll admit – when I heard your trophy idea I was a little concerned… It does give the allusion that you move around. you at least know where to shop. That’s ultimately more important anyway.

  9. Wow, this is a great idea! looks fabulous!

  10. It came out sooo cute and fun! Great idea! I really liked the bicycle and all of the little plants.


  11. Hi Lisa! I love your new summer decor. Only you would think of painting a bowling ball and trophies! Very creative and the look is fabulous. Thank you for sharing this at my party and I hope you have a fun Memorial Day.

  12. Wow! You are amazing!

  13. Love the bicycle plate and the trophy cup! It’s all so creative.

  14. Amazingly creative – and determined! Searching out all those treasures must have been fun and hard work – Your trophies look like statues now!
    Well done,

  15. I love your style! Maybe it’s that we have the same sofas… haha! I love that huge picture frame. Clearly, I need to learn how to thrift store shop and spray paint!

  16. You have the sweetest blog here! I love your house! It’s so fun and inviting. I’ll be featuring your bicycyle plate on my blog this thursday @ http://littlekatieontheprairie.blogspot.com Come and check it out!

  17. I love all your summer touches!! Not in your face sports…I love the subtlety. The white painted trophies was a great idea. :)

  18. WOW!! What clever uses for all our awesome thrift store finds! Thanks for sharing

  19. Oh WOW! There was just so much eye candy in this post I had to scroll up and down a few times to take it all in. :-) Everything is just so incredibly lovely and your attention to detail is amazing. I love the idea of picking a theme and “running” with it (pun intended!) and we are just so thrilled that you came by and shared this with us at Inspiration Friday this weekend!

  20. My absolute favorite thing is the plate!!!! I could just see you riding around on it with your little basket. Oh wait;…yes slug like, no movement…nevermind 😉 Room looks awesome!!!

    :) Heather

  21. I love how you change things up. I really like the old oval frame on the old window.
    We are looking at pretty much the same decor in our den, as was unpacked 5 years ago. I need help….and money……maybe next year.

  22. Oh, Lisa!
    I somehow missed this post between trips to NC and rearranging this house!
    I love your creative vignettes, groupings and the cricut!!
    You’re using it–I am so happy! It looks so nice with your things!
    I am so stinkin’ excited to see you next month (okay, and the other girls, too!)
    Your piano still makes my heart go pitter patter…
    Blessings to you as you make your home this week!

  23. I love how you took such unexpected items and made them work. You have such a knack for taking the ordinary and making it marvelous. I particularly love how you used the trophies.

  24. Love it- so cute, fresh and unique! I have a feeling you’ll be featured on lots of other blogs!

  25. Love it! Maybe you should have gotten some of those other “trophies” and spray painted they too, ha.

    Cha Cha

  26. cheryl Levine :

    I love the bike.. how did you do that.. My husband and son loves bikes thought it would be perfect for them..