The Silver Dresser

The Silver Dresser

I decided this weekend was the time to work on something that I’ve been tossing around in my head.

For EVER I have wished for some mirrored bedside tables in my bedroom.  I don’t know why.  I just love them.  Pier 1 Imports has some I want for only $549 each.

I wondered if I couldn’t do something similar for a little less money, say maybe…..20 bucks.

I have a small dresser that I painted white a couple of years ago.  It seemed perfect for my experiment.

I got a quart of Martha Stewart metallic silver paint.

It only took bout 30 minutes to paint.  After it was dry, I carried it into the house and looked at it (read: I had my minions carry it in the house).  It just wasn’t right. It looked more blue than silver.  So I had my people take the drawers back outside and I sprayed them with some silver spray paint.

It’s a small difference, but you can see in this picture, the bottom drawer has been sprayed and the top one only has the Martha Stewart paint on it.

I didn’t want to use the old knobs, so I took two Anthropologie knobs off of a cabinet in the hall.

Here’s the bedside before:

And now:

What do you think?  Keep the silver?  It’s a bit shinier in person.  And what do I do on the other side of the bed?  Can I use the same paint on a different dresser?  Does it look good to you?  Or should I put the trunk back and use the dresser somewhere else?

By the way, the three books I am reading there are “etcetera” by Sibella Court, “Choosing Forgiveness” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and “Unmarketing” by Scott Stratton.  Three very different books, all really good.  I am reading the last two for the second time.

OK, I need your opinions.  I know how much you all like telling me what to do….so go for it!


  1. I am not an expert by any means, ‘kay? And, if you have wanted this for a long time, and it makes YOU happy (and, well, I suppose it should also make James happy), then keep it.

    BUT, to my eyes, the silver looks a bit too modern, a bit too cool, and a bit too…..not the same style as the rest of your room.

    I think the dresser looks great. By itself. I think your room looks great. I just don’t think they go much together, perhaps partly because of the plain straight lines of the dresser. Maybe silver on a dresser with some visual interest rather than just straight lines might look better??

    Also, does this silver fulfill your “mirrored” idea? Is it reflective in person, at all? Just curious about that.

    I do think the dresser looks great, though! And like I said, if YOU love it, keep it. Yes, another dresser, same paint on the other side should be fine, right?

  2. I don’t think it is the same style as the rest of your room. Sorry!

  3. This dresser is lovely but I must agree with “The Reader.” Maybe it just needs another dresser to help balance it out…. That said it really is a lovely! I love the how shiny and modern it looks. (ok i have to admit it i am really keen on your trunk…) Now here is the BIG QUESTION… how do you like it? Is it what you thought it was going to be? Does it complete your room? What does James think?

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. No, I agree with you all. Something isn’t right about it.

    Peggy, you’re so funny to ask what James thinks. James’ opinion doesn’t count. He really doesn’t care at all. He just smiles and says, “Oh, it looks nice Honey.” I could put anything there and he’d like it. 🙂


  5. I am certainly no decorator so my opinion doesnt count for much. But I disagree a little bit with the others. I have seen a good bit of silver and mirrored mixed in with things like your style and I like it, not too much of it, but a little piece here and there is nice. The MS does look bluish, I’m with you on that. Do you think it’s the paint that you have that “there’s just something missing” feleing about, or the style of the dresser? Maybe if it had curvy little legs (okay what am I talking about here!!??) and fancy handles…i don’t know. I’m babbling now just trying to fit in!! AAAHH!! I’m having high school flashbacks!!

  6. Jennifer….I can’t stop laughing! You are so hilarious. Lisa~

  7. hmmm, I am not loving it in your room. It seems cold, and while interesting, I think the knobs blend in too much. I do think it would look nice somewhere though, and if you really like that look maybe you could find a new home for it somewhere! I do love your bed though!

    I agree with the others that it is not quite in the style of the rest of your house, but that can be fun to have something unexpected show up in a room!

    It does look better with the silver spray paint as the Martha paint is blueish!

  8. Personally, I love the FUNCTIONALITY of the dresser over the chest. Anytime I can have more storage space without having to move the lamp and books, I am happy. I like the wood colors of the chest over the paint of the dresser, but that is just me. I am all about functionality and not very good at purdy, as you know. Maybe that is why I don’t like shopping…..

  9. I don’t have an opinion on your dresser dilemma, but I will comment that “Choosing Forgiveness” IS an excellent book! I read it last Fall during a very trying time in our lives, and I think I should pick it up again. God’s Word doesn’t call the enemy of our souls the Accuser for nothing!

  10. I really, really wanted to like it. I keep going back and looking at it. It reminds me of when I see something that is supposed to be super- stylish and I wonder if it’s just me or ??

  11. Love it! Yes. Another dresser, any style. Yes. Yes! Love it if YOU do (or No).

    There. “,)

  12. Both look nice, but I am in love with that trunk nightstand….It looks old world and like it might contain hidden antique treasures…..where did you get it?

    If you have room in your kitchen or pantry, I think the silver one would be great to keep treasured linens, unitasker appliances, the good silver, etc in. I see it more in a room like that than the bedroom.

  13. I don’t like either 🙂 But, I know that you could make both look awesome! I like your theme of rustique, country, cottage, clean, crisp and classic.

  14. I like the idea, but I agree – too cool for your warm chocolate room… chocolate and silver don’t go together unless it’s on a Hershey bar ;0)

    How about you use my Martha brown metallic on the dresser and see what you think? I’m about 3 minutes from loading my brush and painting the bathroom vanity with the brown… it’s been calling to me for more that a week and I’m anxious to get it on there now!!

    Oh – and with something as eye-catching as metallic paint on a piece of furniture – I’d just do it on one piece… so not on the other side of the bed.

  15. If you had greys in your bedlinen I think it would pull it together a bit more, as you have browns maybe a metallic brown would be good if you don’t want to change out your bed linen, and I think something unique for the knobs would make it the standout piece you are after.

  16. I too like the trunk better…it’s more Lisa to me 😉 Jennifer you are a riot!!!

    🙂 Heather S.

  17. Well…. I saw the picture of the trunk and fell in love with it. So if you decide against it I’m an email away… LOL!


  18. I get where you were trying to go with it….I too love the new mirrored look but I agree with you about how pricey they are! Anywho, I have seen a tutorial online that teaches how to achieve the mirrored look yourself. I follow “Miss Mustard Seed’s” blog you should totally check it out! here is the link below. Hope this helps!

  19. Thanks for all of your thoughts. Jessica, I did see that when Miss Mustard Seed did it. I am not spending any money though.

    I’m definitely moving the silver dresser somewhere else and now I’m tyring to figure out what else to put there. FUN!


  20. I’m sure you’ll find just the right spot for it Lisa! I LOVE your decor!

  21. I like it.

  22. its lovely, but i liked the other bedside table better…hope that doesnt hurt your feelimgs…

  23. Thanks for showing us your experiment, Lisa. I am thinking about doing something silver for my daughter’s room this summer, so any experiences I can get from someone else is great :).