Dresser Heaven

Dresser Heaven

I was headed out to do my grocery shopping this morning when my friend Sara texted to let me know that a local resale shop had some old cameras for sale.  Patience collects them, so I asked Patience if she’d like to do the grocery shopping with me and we could stop and look at the cameras.

Of course, while she studied the old Polaroids I had to sweep through the rest of the place to see what they had.  I found a little chest of drawers that was a great price so I grabbed it up.  Thirty bucks sucka!

I collect small dressers.  I buy them at flea markets and garage sales and stash them in our storage building.  My reason is because of how often I have this conversation…….

Child: Mommy, we just broke two of the drawers in our dresser and now all of our clothes are on the floor in our room.

Me: Again?!  How did it happen this time?  Did you shove it too full of jeans, fill it with rocks, try to squeeze your baby brother into it?

Child: I don’t know, it just broke.

Me: OK, carry it out to the trash and get another one out of the storage building.

Now you know the sad truth.

The weird thing is that when I got this one home today I noticed something….it is an exact match to another one I bought at the flea market in Canton a couple of years ago!  I brought the Canton dresser home, added some of those wood carving thingys to the drawers and painted it black.  Now it sits in the living room with the TV on it.

The new one is exactly the same dresser!  I am wondering if I am obligated to take advantage of the fact that I have this freakish little matched set and paint the new one black with the wooden drawer thingys.

Are they destined match?  Or are they like Sonny and Cher….perfect together but it just doesn’t work.

I’m going to mull it over.  That’s what I do….I mull.  But once I decide….watch out mister.  You don’t want to be standing in my way when I am heading for a dresser with a can of paint in my hands.  I can’t be held responsible for what will happen.

Just ask James.  He’s got scars….at least emotional ones.

For now the new dresser sits proudly in Noah’s room waiting to be filled with Legos, useless pieces of paper and mismatched socks.

But you never know what could happen next……it could be singing again before you know it….”Babe.  I’ve got you Babe….”


  1. Love it! I think you can safely not match them if they are going to live in different rooms. Heck, even if they are going to live in the same room but not right next to each other. Although maybe that could be cool, one at one end of the living room, the other at the other end…..anyway, great find!

  2. You are so funny….you should really have James speak to someone about those scars LOL 🙂 On the edge of my seat to see what ya do with it!!

    🙂 Heather

  3. Just really can’t have too many dressers, can we?! Whatever you do with it, I am sure it will be fabulous, darling. 🙂

  4. That is fun – you collect dressers! 🙂

    It sounds like you got a great deal…can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Celia Cawthon :

    Or like “Ebony and Ivory” you could Shabby Chic it?

  6. I love a good find with a great price! but really Lisa…come on! Don’t ditch those broken dressers too fast…don’t you know that those unbroken drawers, you know the ones that the little brother couldn’t fit into…they make great flower boxes! 🙂 yep they do!
    I got more ideas if ya wanna know…or will that make you regret throwing them away?

  7. Dresser drawers – now that is a sizeable collection…

  8. Just on a side note, love the metal lockers, I would love some of these!
    Don’t kids put the most wonderful things in their drawers????
    My little boys drawers drive me crazy with the way they stuff them and put their brothers clothes in them and everything ends up in the bottom drawer in a mess and then they can’t find their clothes AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  9. I can’t wait to see what you do! You are so creative.