Spring Color for the Porch

Spring Color for the Porch

Don’t you love to add color to the front porch in the spring?  Oh yeah, baby.  That gets my juices flowing.

I started with $10 worth of real plants from the hardware store that we planted in pots we already own.

We pulled out the rest of our pots and filled them with dirt (a couple of kids always help me with these projects).

I found some old flash cards, drinking straws and twine (I ended up not using the pink) and went to work.

Of course you KNOW I used my true love, the Cricut!


Mama’s chair by the door, sitting and rocking and listening to the children play while she reads.  Ahhhh…..

Walking up the front path to the door you see this…..

It’s a mix of real flowers and paper flowers.

In one pot I stuck shovels and gardening tools…..

My homage to Texas bluebonnets.  They’re my all time favorite flowers.  I taped the Cricut flowers to sticks we found in the yard.

Book pages form the flower centers.

I know it’s a little weird, but it was easy, fast and FREE!

I wrapped drinking straws with twine and taped the flashcards to the top.  Easy breezy!

If you’re on a spending freeze like we are….don’t let that stop you from finding ways to spring up your house.  I may grow some more paper flowers just for fun!


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  1. very cute! love the use of the book pages for the flower centres
    I also like the planted tools, I hope you get lots of new little tool seedlings from them LOL!

  2. Very cute!

    I miss having a porch! We have a deck but it is not the same!

  3. I love it!!!

    The paper bluebonnets are my favorite. Sweet!!!

  4. Oh so welcoming and inviting. And I love looking around my home and seeing what I can re-purpose. Very cute ideas!

  5. Heather Mitchell :

    Alas, flowers I would not be able to kill! I Like!

  6. I was just wondering how I was going to do flowers this Spring. It is FREEZING over here too! Thanks for the creative ideas. I think it must really encourage our kids to see us not get discouraged but rather see us get innovative.

    Happy Spring!

  7. Oh Lisa, I love the use of old gardening tools, heaven knows I have plenty of those!! And the flash cards are too cute, how is it that you just have stuff this adorable just lying around? At least I can thank goodness the dirt and sticks are free!

    While it’s a little too cold here for the spring flowers I have to admit I can. not. wait and I will be rushing spring a little bit! Those paper flowers are so cute and they are just the ticket! However, since I am Cricut-less, I think it may just be a great mother/daughter project for the weekend. I can always draw them and she loves to color, so we’re a great match. And the no watering and eventually killing thing really works for me!!

    Wish us luck!
    Sheri O.

  8. Let’s sit out here and talk about how good our God is.
    You rock while I sing (I can sing–I dunno about you) some songs about creation.
    I’ll tell you, “Look! A baby wolf!” And point off in the direction of yonder pasture.
    And while you go check and see where it is, I grab and run away with all your cricut flowers.
    The end.

  9. Whimsical. I love the old yard tools…but that is the way I am –

  10. Debbie Mantik :

    I am Becky Smith’s sister and came over from her page at Smithellaneous. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have so enjoyed your humor, life insights and observations and of course, your wonderful and creative decorating! I love what you did with the front porch–so pretty and welcoming. I’d love to take a home decor class or two from you
    –you are a very talented lady! Thanks for sharing what you do so well.

  11. Looks beautiful! I love that such sweet touches can make such an impact. Happy Spring!

  12. TOTALLY love your sprng color! 🙂 Now I know what to do with the old milk jug my husband’s grandfather once used at his dairy farm. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the inspiration! I love the colorful pots and mix of “flowers.”

  14. not only are they wonderful…(and NEVER once thought they were wierd!) but they are DEER proof!!!!! When we were new to Kerrville, I planted some beautiful roses in front only to find sticks the next morning. I LOVE the bluebonnets!! Now I just need a cricuit…

  15. I love it!! So cute and clever.

  16. i love front porches! the house we just moved into has one!

    thanks for the spring inspiration!

  17. I love your porch. I have always wanted a porch like that where I can sit and watch the kids play and also make my home more inviting. Instead I have a 3 by 3 little patch on the top of the stairs where I keep my stroller for now. I really should get that stroller sold and flowers put out there instead. Thank you for the inspiration.

  18. i don’t know where to begin.

    you are amazing. only you would put a ribbon around a pot of dirt.

    those paper flowers…so so clever, whimsy & fun. you may have started a new trend. no green thumb required – either.

    thanks so much for linking up with the SPRING FLING!
    have a super weekend.


  19. I love this whole porch. I love the tools and my fav has to be the blubonnets. Your Cricut made them? I am originally from TX so I am loving these flowers. Great job.

  20. Nice job with the pots. I love the “Faux” flowers you made. I do not have a cricut but have one on my wish list. The warmer weather is finally here and I am chmping at the bit to get some gardening done. Especially dressing up my porch!

  21. I’m lovin the book page flowers, and thinking it would be cool to do with kids handprints!

  22. Works for me….especially if it free! and….if you not so fortunate to have Cricut 🙁 don’t let that stop you either. I use cookie cutters and anything I can find to make shapes and cut out with nice sharp scissors. As long as it’s not to complicated and numerous…it gets the job done.

    Love the drinking straws wrapped in twine or jute. It’s perfect and looks very organic!

    Now I want to go paint some pots!

  23. I love you pots and outdoor decor! I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to plant in Minnesota.