A Package of Love

A Package of Love

I was unpacking my bags from the Dallas trip when I noticed a big box underneath…..

It was from Leslie?  My friend from Goodbye, House! Hello Home?!?!  I ripped it open and found a birthday gift bag inside.  Oh my goodness!!!!

More ripping and tearing.  I’m not the most patient person.  There was a big red bow wrapped around a whole bunch of stuff.

Leslie, I am dumbfounded!  I can’t believe how much she fit into this bag.

This gift, in particular, made me cry.  It belonged to her Gram.  :::sniff-sniff:::  That makes it special enough, but I’m a sucker for vintage, handmade linens.

This little frame says it all.  I know she included this because she knows I struggle, like many women, with knowing my own worth.

I so need this reminder that I might make a piece of jewelry out of it.  That way it will be with me all of the time.  If I were cool I’d do a hip hop look.

This pin made me swoon…..I can’t wait to put together an outfit to wear it with!  Kelly Joy has such a cute shop.

As I unwrapped the last item, I nearly fell down laughing…..

A Depends!  Oh no!  Leslie, I laughed so hard I almost needed to put them on! (I most certainly will NOT Photoshop myself wearing these)

Oh my dear Leslie, I wish I could communicate how much this all means to me.  It encourages me to reach out to someone else and send them a surprise care package.  Seeing these things around my house will bring instant joy to my day for years.

Leslie is having a Purge Party on her blog on Mondays.  I know some of my new goodies are from her house.  One woman’s purge is another woman’s gorgeous coffee table tray.


I hope you’ll go visit Leslie and show her some love!


  1. heather mitchell :

    How incredibly thoughtful!!!! This made me cry, and laugh aloud.
    What a blessing.

  2. Hi Lisa, What a wonderful surprise for you! Leslie is such a sweetheart for sending you all these goodies. Aren’t blogging buddies the best?

  3. What a wonderful surprise!

  4. So sweet, you are worth far more than rubies. I treasure you and wish you were wrapped in a box and sitting on my porch.

    Cha Cha

  5. Sherry, yes! My blogging buddies are some of the people I trust the most. Now that I’ve met several in real life I can say that I am a good judge of character. 🙂

    Cha Cha, that would be a really BIG box. LOL!

  6. Wow! How thoughtful indeed, and what fun x

  7. OH!!!
    I think the note said it was a week late for your birthday, but it ended up being more like two weeks! LOL!
    I was happy and delighted to mail you some things.
    You make my day when you post or write and you gladden my spirit with your sense of humor.
    That frame as a necklace makes you look like a homeschooling-in-da-‘hood mama.
    That made me laugh too hard!!
    I scared my hubby! He jumped, LOL!
    Just so you know, I still love that tray and wasn’t *really* purging it.
    I just think you are swell, and I am so glad to know you.
    (To all those reading this: Does anyone need an opened bag of 19 Depends?)
    Muah, Lisa.
    I am happy you are happy. 😀

  8. Was this your favorite gift ever? I guess it “depends” on if you still have a sense of humor.

    Can’t wait to see the hat.

  9. Leslie made me cry. She blessed me when she blessed you, girl.

  10. Lisa, I love your bling! Happy (way) belated Birthday.