Magazine Winner

Hey all!  You guys make me so happy with your wonderful comments.  It brightens my day!

I put all of your names in a bowl, with extras for those of you that let me know you blogged or Facebooked the giveaway.  And the name I drew is….

Sheri O.!!!

Sheri said:

“I love the recharging station, I want one so badly!

And yes, I agree that is one creepy doll!

Thanks for being you!”

Thanks Sheri!  And congratulations.  Love you!


  1. Okay, it’s official – I am over the moon excited!!! Luckily my screaming didn’t scare any one this morning – unbelievable that no one understood how incredibly exciting this is for me. I actually won a giveaway AND it’s from a blogger I so admire!

    Lisa, I can’t wait to see what tips you have for me! Sorry if this sounds a little goofy, my thoughts are all a jumble from excitement. Yeah for me!

    Sheri O.

  2. sheri hawley :

    Just wanted to say thanks for taking time to read the story of our new joy! We see Nathan as an answer to prayers we’ve prayed the past twenty-three years. He and Meagan will be a great team for the Kingdom of God.

    I also appreciate your kind comment. Love your site design and the picture of your family. We home schooled our three girls and loved it. Meagan’s first classroom experience was college.

    I’ll be following you – thanks again.