Guest Post at New Nostalgia

Today I’m guest posting over at New Nostalgia.

I’ve been reading Amy’s blog for a long time, but her recent struggle with breast cancer has me on the edge of my seat….or should I say kneeling at the edge of my bed?  She’s delightful, truthful and (she would argue with this) fearless.

I hope you’ll go over to read my post on meal planning and give Amy some love while you’re there.


  1. So glad to visit Amy’s blog. I’ve got my feet up and am under a cozy blanket (it is reeeeeally cold here and I don’t have a table lamp!). So I’m going to spend some time looking at her blog and just relaxing. You gave me a great idea about Reeses – I think they’ll be the next thing to be wrapped in Toll House cookie dough!

  2. I tried to get on Project 333 and it wouldn’t come up. Enjoyed your knitting blog. I have spoken at ladies retreats on K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sister) so I love to read and hear about minimalist living. I was interested in the article. Any help on how to long on. I enjoyed hearing about the knitting less for Christmas presents. I also am a giver of things, ornaments, and often wonder if I am wasting my time. Don’t want to clutter people up, just encourage them, but get so little even “got it”, let alone a “liked it”. A few do, and it does warm my heart. Then I have to go to my motives, etc. Ahhhh I tell the Lord, it’s hard. Thanks Amy I love your blog too. So cool. Patty O.