Cricut Gifts

Cricut Gifts

On the last night of my Blissdom trip I was supposed to stay with my sweet friend Shaunna.  But her dad had a medical emergency so I thought it best to just stay in a hotel.  I’m happy to say that her dad is doing a bit better, but he still needs our prayers.

I had a darling little basket of goodies to leave for Shaunna, which I didn’t get to give to her.  But I still have to show you because I used my true love, the Cricut for a couple of the gifts.

Since Shaunna uses paint in her furniture restoration business, I got the idea to use paint cards as a thank you note.  I just picked two that blended well together and used my Cricut to add the note, “Thank You” to the top card.  Punch a hole, run some twine through it and you have a fun card that was free.

Her two kids are so adorable so I wanted to give them a little something.  Shaunna and I have had several talks about homeschooling which meant I had to bring them a jar of fun, educational toys.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to give her my Cricut gifts.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet her sweet family.  I’m mostly sorry I didn’t get to sit up all night talking with her, laughing, crying and doing what girls do.

Remember to pray for Shaunna’s dad.  Maybe I should get a few more paint cards and send him a “Get Well Soon” note.  🙂



  1. What a sweet friend you are! I know she will appreciate the thoughts and your efforts! I will pray for her father this morning.

    Sheri O.
    p.s. I hope you are better, too!

  2. Hey Lisa! Your projects look great. I have a quick question…or two…. on the adorable jars~ are those letters cut from vinyl? Is it a cut out red shadow/bottom layer and then a cut out white top layer? I am new to all of this…I have the Silhouette SD instead of the cricut but same idea…
    I am checking out the internet all over looking for ideas for gifts, crafts, etc. Your stuff is adorable!