A Birthday Giveaway

A Birthday Giveaway

We’ve got several birthdays in February.  That means lots of celebrating, lots of gifts, lots of carbs.

We do “Birthday breakfast,” which means the birthday person gets to choose any breakfast foods they want.  That usually includes at least three carbs and some sugar.  For instance, tomorrow is Elijah’s birthday and he wants powdered sugar doughnuts, little chocolate doughnuts, french toast, sausage and scrambled eggs.  Last week Noah had sourdough biscuits, french toast and sausage patties.  What ever happened to regular old eggs and bacon?!

On my birthday, the kids put their money together to get me something so wonderful I just can’t even express how excited I am.  It’s a “recharge station” from Pottery Barn.

Perhaps they thought the station I have now could be improved.

Is this not the best gift ever?!

Since it is better to give than to receive, I thought I’d give you something.  Being the magazine lover that I am, two of my newest favorites seemed the perfect gift for you.

The Flea Market Style is amazing.  It highlights a bunch of bloggers and is packed with great ideas.

But you won’t just get the plain old magazines….no!  I will write little post-it notes all through it so you can know what I think of everything.

It’s really fun.  I love to do this and send them to friends.  It’s like we’re right there together reading the pages and laughing.

Here’s a sample of some things I might say….


Stuff like that.

To win all you have to do is be a subscriber.  If you’re not already subscribed, just click on the little orange rainbow looking thing over on the right side of the page with the words “follow” pointing to it.  If you blog, Twitter or Facebook about it I’ll enter you again.

Then leave me a comment letting me know you’re a subscriber and you’re entered.

I’ll close the comments on Tuesday, March 1 at 12:01 am.  It only seems right to end the giveaway at the same time February ends.


  1. I have this weird thing about receiving gifts and somehow have applied this psychosis to most bloggers giveaways. I don’t enter because I would feel bad if I won and someone else didn’t. See, told you I have issues. Occasionally, I can conquer my fear, but more often then not I just don’t participate. Finally, my point – I could not resist entering this giveaway! I was laughing out loud just reading your captions and the thought of hanging out with you or even better a chance to flea together … well, that just floats my boat. I’m in! Quick, let me hit publish before I change my mind.

  2. Even though I can talk to you just about whenever…I would love to read a magazine this way. I think that means I have issues too 😉 😉

    🙂 Heather

  3. Stacey, I’m a bit like you. But I normally can’t keep my mouth shut and want to say something, so I might put at the end of the comment, ‘I’m not entering the giveaway – just wanted to say…’ !!
    And so I’ll end this post in the same way – I’m in Scotland, so please don’t enter me – postage an’ all. (Plus none of the offers/advice on flea markets etc would apply…. though I’d love for the winner to let us see some of your post-it notes!)

    Oh, and the doll/baby…thing…. ewwww!

  4. That is a fun idea! Would love to read a magazine with your little notes (and I never read a magazine after another – I have issues).

  5. I need to get that charging station. I was getting all tangled up in the wires coming off my desk just the other day.
    I love the magazines. They are 2 that I would grab off the shelf and look at. I love that style. Making something new look old is what I do best. LOL!
    Have a great day.
    Oh and I subscribe.

  6. I would love a magazine with your post it notes… 🙂 Do we get to enter if we already subscribe, or does it just have to be for new people?!

  7. It seems that I attract people with issues. I have no idea why that would be.

    Carri….yes! Old subscriber, new subscriber, it doesn’t matter. I love my old subscribers with weird issues and I could never you all out. Lisa~

  8. I love the recharging station, I want one so badly!

    And yes, I agree that is one creepy doll!

    Thanks for being you!
    Sheri O.

  9. Lisa

    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift. Smart kids you’re a- raisin’ there!

  10. It would be so fun to read your thoughts on a magazine! I just bought FMS magazine for my Aunt who lives 20 hours away (but we talk 2x a week;-) I might just have to do that, she would get a kick out of it! I totally agree with you on the creepy baby…phew…we can still be friends…LOL!!!! Oh and Happy Birthday! I love your charging station 😉


  11. I am a subscriber and will for sure share on FB. Patrick has the charging station too but he still makes a mess of it. It’s the man emptying out his pockets all over it….coins, business cards, screws, zip ties, lego pieces…. :o)

  12. Christine Aldinger :

    love magazines…ty for a chance i am a follower and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone

  13. If you get umpteen entries from me, I’m not trying to cheat, I’m just having computer problems…
    Anyway, I won Flea Market Style last time you did this and I’ve never had so much fun reading a magazine! I might feel a little guilty if I win again, but I’m willing to test that theory.
    ☺ Celeste

  14. I subscribe so please enter me!!!! And I agree with you about the doll. Give me a real baby anyday!

  15. K, so first thing’s first… I already have both issues so please don’t enter me (give someone else a chance to win), but I loved your sample notes, since my husband and I were in fits of laughter last night over that creepy breathing baby doll. Ewww! AND when I saw those trash cans, I thought “wow, I never thought huge honkin’ metal trash cans would wind up being a trendy kitchen accessory — who knew?” Glad to see great minds think alike! I verbally gasped when I saw the new Flea Market Style at Walmart yesterday, since I wasn’t sure they’d carry it. I think I embarrassed my family with my overly enthusiastic response!

  16. I’m a subscriber. These look so neat, I love getting new ideas. Cottage Dreamers showed a painting technique that she found in the Flea Market Style Magazine. I tried it on a nightsatnd of mine and it worked wonderfully!
    I agree I’ve never liked those dolls!


  17. Happy Birthday, amazing to both have February birthdays!
    Thanks for telling how to follow- I have been trying to work out how for months!

  18. I’m not sure why you think the doll is creepy…it looks adorable to me. So lifelike…is that a bad thing?

  19. I love your new charger station, great birthday present! I’m a subscriber! 🙂

  20. I posted about the blog on Facebook! You always make me smile!

    Sheri O.

  21. Oh this would be so fun to get an issue with your post it note thoughts. It would be like when I shop with friends and they point out something that I totally missed or has an great story about something they see.

    bee blessed

  22. OH man that charging station is awesome! I had to laugh because we have chargers plugged in all over the house… sometimes they even have things charging! I am already a subscriber/follower….
    And have no fear I promise I will NEVER to buy that doll….

  23. Please give a belated birthday squeeze to my guy, Elijah. Don’t tell the others – I don’t want to be seen playing favorites… And next time you get up at 4 a.m. to make sourdough biscuits save me a crumb. I’m not ambitious enough too make my own, but wouldn’t mind sampling one.

    I had the same thoughts about the doll… There’s an entire trend toward realistic “reborn” baby dolls… Google it – it’s beyond creepy…

    I’m a subscriber, of course.

  24. You will love the charging station. It’s wonderful! We liked it so much we have two. I’m a follower!

  25. Awesome! Happy Birthday 🙂 I’m a happy subscriber!

  26. You are so funny! Your little post-it notes crack me up!!

  27. Oh yeah, and I’m a subscriber. =)

  28. I’m a subscriber! (and that phrase keeps going through my head to the tune of Eye of the Tiger :\) I have never heard of either of those magazines. What rock do I live under? One in rural Alabama.

    I hope you had a simply splendid birthday!! Many happy returns!

  29. RSS subscriber

  30. shared giveaway on facebook

  31. Oh… and I “shared” on Facebook the other day… forgot to mention that.

  32. Thank you for being such a giver!
    Posted on my FB wall, and clicked to follow. I thought I had done that a while back, but I guess not.

  33. Ha! The “creepy baby” comment made me laugh out loud and say “AMEN!”

  34. I just subscribed to be a follower, even tho’ I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now!
    What a wonderful give-a-way, since the FMS mag is $10, something not affordable now while my hubs looks for a job. (BTW, we’ve met twice because of Bethany (A) becoming Mrs. Larson … Hope we’ll meet again soon…)

  35. Cannot believe I missed this.
    I think I am subscribed, but i will click the orange rainbow thingy, just to be sure.
    Love me some magazines, love me some Lisa quips even more.
    HUGS, girl!

  36. What a sillyhead I am. Wasn’t subsribed. Now I am–whew!
    I couldn’t have gone all day wondering about that!

  37. Ooo, Ooo, Ooh! Pick me, pick me! I would dearly love these magazines. It would give me something to do when I’m not taking care of a newborn, homeschooling three children or catching up on laundry. You know, all those extra hours in the day.

    I’m already a follower!

  38. I am crawling back from a bout with the flu…just in time to register for this give-away…but more importantly, in time for a much-needed laugh at the creepy baby and your comment about it! 😀
    (And Happy Birthday to you!)