Piles, Kids and Friends

Piles, Kids and Friends

I’ve spent the last two days surrounded by piles.  Piles of things I need to take with me to Nashville, piles of to-do lists, piles of school work that I need to leave behind for the kids.

It has been harder to prepare to leave them than if I were taking them with me.  One would think the lack of a crib, diapers and 24 hours worth of kid friendly DVDs would lighten my load.  But it’s really the same because I have to be sure there are enough diapers, meals, toilet paper and schoolwork at home while I am off traveling the world.  Because let’s face it….James is not going to the grocery store.  That’s not his area of expertise.

I wanted to leave something special, something little, for each of the kids so they know how much I will miss them.  I carefully chose some books off of my shelf to loan each of the girls.  For Patience, “Little Women.”  Faith gets “Beautiful Girlhood” and Hope will be getting one of my all time favorites, “The Mitford Series.”  I got candy for Noah, Adam and ‘Lijah.  I’m leaving a textbook that my friend gave us for Grace and Jacob to read, “Systematic Theology.”  (thanks Autumn!)

I wrote them each a simple note to go with their book/candy.

I hope you don’t mind my saying….my kids are so great!  No whining, no arguing, they are respectful and loving.  It’s a joy to be their mother and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving for 9 days without telling them so.

Little Levi gets something wonderful.  Blissdom sent us a package and in it was a recordable storybook book from Hallmark.  There was a note that said that they knew we might be leaving our children and this book would be a way they could hear our voice while we are gone.  Waaahhhh!  Sniff, snort, HONK!

I can picture him carrying it around under his arm and saying, “This is my Mommy book.”   He can open it up and hear, “I love you Levi,” in my voice.

As I load up my van the piles are dwindling.  My to-do lists are getting shorter.  My etsy orders are finished and ready to ship.

I am really excited that I get to meet so many of YOU!  Some of you will be at the conference, two of you I get to share a room with (can’t wait to see you Cha Cha and Kellie!) and some of you are meeting me along the way to and from home.  That’s the best part, meeting new friends.

Now I just need to figure out how to get these piles from my van into the hotel room without a fork lift.


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  1. Have a great time, :Lisa!

  2. Go, mama, go! Have a great time! This post was a tear-jerker.

  3. So neat my sweet momma is going on a trip too! She will be leaving this weakend to go lead worship for Beverly Bradley of Family Ministries in California.
    I pray you have a safe trip!


  4. Systematic Theology is a book?? Oh my word. Does that mean I need to stop using mine as a ginormous doorstop??

  5. Getting ready to leave my kiddos next week too. Happy for the trip, but I miss them already! Hope your time at Blissdom was, well, blissful.

  6. Awww, I love you Momma for so many things. This post being one of them. I hope you have a fantabulous trip and make lots of wonderful memories and friendships as I know you will. Looking forward to meeting you myself sometime soon. Tell Kellie & Cha Cha I said Hi!!

  7. Have lots of fun!

  8. Nine days! I love my family so much, but right now as I sit in this cluttered Monday morning chaos nine days sounds so nice!

    I love the idea about leaving the books and the notes. I love the Mitford series also. Have you read the latest one? I got it for my birthday and it was really good.

  9. Good luck with all the getting ready! The book is adorable. We got a similar one for Christmas, had my kids take turns reading the pages, and sent it to the grandmas in Oregon for Christmas. Imagine the chuckle we had when they opened their gift from their grandma on Christmas — the same book, in her voice. Too funny! Anyway, those books are such a cute way to lessen the distance between loved ones, aren’t they?

    Enjoy your trip… have a WONDERFUL time!!

  10. dear Trippin’ East,

    That IS the hardest part of leaving….the, well…. LEAVING! It is a lot of work, but always worth it. You will enjoy all the time alone, and all the time together there and then….

    GOING HOME again