Perfecting My Shopping Skills

Once the wedding was over there was more excitement.  The very next day, Sunday, was Hope’s 17th birthday.  Instead of a gift, she wanted to go shopping.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

She knew just what she was looking for and we headed to the big city to find it.  In her words, “Layering tops in orange and military blue.”

“You mean teal?” I would ask.

“No Mom.  Teal and military blue are completely different colors!”

“Oh.  Sorry.”

We hit TJ Maxx, Target, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters….all of the best places to find layering things that aren’t made to look skin tight.

We don’t do skin tight.

It took a while, but we managed to find everything she was looking for at discount prices.  Am I good or what?  My mad shopping skills do come in handy from time to time.

I try to explain that to James.  Shopping is a skill that takes years to perfect.  I need practice.  If I don’t shop regularly I might lose my touch.

He doesn’t seem to get it.

I don’t get his love for Sci-Fi on TV.  So we’re even.

Maybe not completely even, since shopping is necessary for the real world.

Although it would be nice to be able to beam from one store to another.

See?  James and I are the perfect combination of weird.  Two peas in a pod.  Our children have no hope of being normal.


  1. That is very funny! What is normal anyway? If you aren’t normal than neither am I!

  2. Happy Birthday Hope!
    I love your take on shopping skills need practice–think DH will fall for that?

  3. I like your philosophy, I think I will use that line about needing to practice my shopping skills. Although I might have to wait until the flood waters go down and I can get to town to do that!
    Nice job with the wedding too by the way!

  4. Dear Mrs Teal,
    I think my little sister’s favorite color growing up was fuschia and mine was sea-foam green… no ‘pink’ and ‘green’ for us! So, Hope, I feel your pain… glad the buying managers for all those stores felt it too… glad not enough other folks saw the beauty in your color scheme and left some on the clearence racks!

    ” I try to explain that to James. Shopping is a skill that takes years to perfect. I need practice. If I don’t shop regularly I might lose my touch.”

    I am SO gonna try that on my hubby!
    I don’t think he’ll get it either!!!

    Well-Practiced Shopper in NE

    P.S. One of my best friends just posted on her blog today about not liking to shop! I could relate to your habits a lot more than hers in this regard! ha!

  5. Lisa…have you or your daughter’s ever shopped online at They have GREAT camis that I use under my clothes – they are extra long and cover on top as well! They are not super cheap, but a good investment! They even have MinMods for little girls! Anyway, love that you are teaching your girls about modesty, too 🙂

  6. “Shopping is a skill that takes years to perfect. I need practice. If I don’t shop regularly I might lose my touch.”

    I’m going to try that one later with my husbanK!

  7. Hello there! I received one of those fun blog awards, but it the kind you have to “pay forward” to people that have inspired you. I picked you as one of my favorites for many reasons. The main one being I love your advice. You have amazing advice on parenting but I think that is because you have parented so well. I know you are busy and this award may not interest you, but if you would like a copy of the button, please stop by my blog tomorrow and get yours.

    If you aren’t, just know that I appreciate all you share. Thanks for being a great place to visit.

  8. dear Shop Savvy,
    What a fun choice of birthday gifts and Happy 17th year to your girl.
    Three of my 6 kiddos are girls. They have each had different tastes and shop in different ways. The one thing they DO share is that they each have strong opinions of what they like and don’t like! The most recent experience was shopping for a concert outfit for youngest d (KitKat age almost 13). Oldest d (Prairie Hen. Married age 26) and I were helping. Wow. Between the two, I was pretty exhausted about an hour in! Thankfully, it all came together nicely in the end and all were very happy. She looked lovely and sweet as can be on stage playing her cello solo.

    modest-conscience daughters