Favorite Things Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much for all of your entries to my giveaway.  I REALLY wish I could be like Oprah and give this stiff to ALL of you.  Not being a billionaire is a real bummer.

I used the Random Number Generator and the winner is Tracy Rickstrew!  She was the very last to comment.  It just goes to show, procrastination pays off.

Congratulations Tracy!


  1. YES!!!! Can’t wait for your faves to become my faves! Can’t believe I won!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Heather S. :) :

    Heather Mitchell brought me the Better than Bullion stuff (for our Cameroon Mission dinner) to make soup with. OH MY GOODNESS…that stuff is amazing!!!!!!!

    🙂 Heather