Free Christmas Decor, Part 2

Free Christmas Decor, Part 2

For years I’ve looked for a large decoration to put on the front porch.  I’ve searched craft shows, supercenters, malls…..nothing.

I decided to use my free decorating challenge to make something myself.

So while we worked on the bathroom I kept my eye out for something I could use.  I ended up using more pieces of the pallet we tore apart.

I told Jacob what I wanted to do with it and he cut it and screwed it together for me.  Yes, Virginia, teenagers are a delight, despite what the world says.

Grace and Faith offered to paint it for me since the rest of use were busy painting inside the house.

And here it is…..

We wrapped fake gifts and put them under our old Christmas tree.  The poinsettias are fake.  No cost decorating.  Oh yeah!  I’m doing the happy dance!

Of course I had to use my Cricut!

It is so cheerful on that side of the porch that we decided to carry the candy cane theme to the front door.

Good thing I had a bunch of red ribbon left from Christmases past.

Faith made this little sign with scrapbook papers.

Oh dear, I can see that I have a confession I need to make.  I did buy some candy canes.  I got them for a school thing, but I did spend a dollar on them.  Not totally free, but close enough for me.

I am so excited about my free candy cane fence.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas now….an Easter fence?  A fall fence?  Valentine’s Day?!  Now I’m getting excited!

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  1. Beautiful job Lisa!
    Love the fence!

  2. Very cute!

    What a creative bunch you are!

  3. Dear Free Fru-fru,
    You are doing so great with your projects. The bathroom looks great and I love this fence idea! GOTTA LOVE FREE!!! I have three or four wood pallets sitting in my garage that were painted white years ago and are even all distressed (read: chipped, scarred, faded) already! What is a girl thinking not putting them to some wonderful use!?

    I think I’d choose candy canes as the only candy to have on a dessert island with me. They make me all happy and Chirstmas carrol-ly in side.

    A Peppermint Patty in NE

  4. SO stinkin cute….I LOVE it!!!!!

  5. Tell me again how “you” made the fence?
    Your people do great work – very festive indeed :0)

  6. It is gorgeous!! Now I am wondering if I can do the same thing?? The neighbors took down their front porch railing last week and it has been sitting on the curb waiting for the trash man for 3 days now! I might have to see if that will give me the same effect!

    Yours is just beautiful!

    Sheri O.

  7. dear on the fencing front,

    Wonderful! This kind of thing is so what I love about your blog.

    Always on the lookout for stuff to use around

  8. Don’t laugh, but I had to Google “Cricut”. That little machine looks dangerously fun! You have such a wonderful imagination & unending creativity. I love your free decorating posts!