Back to Normal-ish

Back to Normal-ish

Whew! The week is finally over.  It was so busy and consuming, I couldn’t even think.

Like Christmas, without the presents.  Or pie.

Jacob didn’t win any awards for his movie, but he was a finalist, which is an honor. Getting into the festival means you are semi-finalist. Then on awards night you find out if you were a finalist.

But  Every night went so late and up early the next day.   I don’t do well with that.   I’m not 17 any more people.  Slow down the pace a little, will ya?

Today our Minnesota guests headed back north and it only took me about 5 minutes after they left to decide to sleep the rest of the day.   My knee (thanks to so many of you for asking) is doing a little better.  I am sure this week of slowing down will help.

Friday was the best day for Jacob.  Everywhere we looked there were kids playing with our little octopus toys.   His movie showing was standing room only.   He got great reviews.

What I love most about this event is watching the people. Families all together. Women dressed modestly. Friends hugging. It’s the love of Christ. There’s a bond, knowing we love each other so deeply and we all want to lift each other up to glorify the Lord.

And the movies! So wonderful. Our favorite (besides “Tentacle Reef” of course) was “Runner from Ravenshead“.  Even if you usually ignore my recommendations, this is the time to listen. Go buy this movie. Your kids will love it. You will want to show it to friends. It’s wholesome, funny, adventurous, sweet and inspiring for the young film-maker.

Last night was more restful.  Our guests had dinner with us and we talked while the kids played.  It was so sweet to see Grace and her friend dress up like Anne and Diana (from “Anne of Green Gables”).

I love that our 20 year old girls can enjoy being young ladies.  What a blessing!

I know I often mention that my kids are so helpful.  Maybe you’re tired of hearing it.  But when they offer to cook the meal so I can rest my leg and they have such a good time together in the kitchen….it just blesses this mom’s heart.

Black bean soup, cornbread, angel food cake AND Grace’s fabulous chocolate chip cookies.  Now’s it’s more like Christmas.

I am so glad to be getting back to normal.  Or normal-ish.

Just in time for….what?!  Christmas.


  1. Congratulations to Jacob – well done indeed. We’ll be looking for the link to purchase.
    Glad to hear about Ravenshead – I’ve had my eye on that hoping it would be good.

    Glad you can slow down now and we can put our heads together – it’s time to plan parties!!

  2. gosh, lisa your jacob is so handsome! what a proud week you ALL experienced!

    congrats to jacob for becoming a finalist!!! that is awesome.

    i have been thinking about your entire crew wondering how everything went.

    your kitchen looks awesome with your girls working away! lets talk about anne & diana. omgoodness they look just like them!!! wow~~~~

    take care of yourself. will be sending you an email tomorrow.
    rest rest rest!!! but i’ve gotta tell ya…this late night thing was good prep for you in january! 😉

  3. Okay, it has been a while…what happened to your leg? I’m going to have to do some reading…but, it might have to be tomorrow…I’m tuckered out! 🙂

  4. I’m glad your knee is healing!
    Congratulations to Jacob, he looks very handsome all dressed up, sounds like the film festival was fab!
    The girls look so beautiful as Anne and Diana.

  5. I am so happy for your son! I followed the live blogging of the award ceremony and saw he was a finalist! So awesome! How great to see your movie play and people loving it!

    Glad your knee is recovering….love helpful daughters, love the girls beautiful outfits….

  6. I don’t no where to begin…….Let’s start with I am so happy that your knee is doing a little better and will continue to pray. Well done by your son being a finalist is a worth honor that I know he worked hard for, so congrats. I know you have all worked hard to make this week work and that is one of the great things I love about watching large families, how much they can get do and how quickly it happens and how effortless it seems. I do love seeing a kitchen full of people working together and these picture of your kitchen show that beautifully and might I mention that I think these are the best pictures I have seen of you kitchen. Okay and my final point will be thank you for showing your beautiful daughter and her friend enjoying being all dressed up, I get sucked into worldly thinking sometimes and fear my girls will grow out of this soon, so thankful to see it can be different, BTW Anne has been read over and over here and will continue to be I am sure. Enough of my rambling hope you get some rest and have a great day.

    Cha Cha

  7. Such a handsome young man. I know you are so proud!

    I love love love the Diana and Anne costumes. Now I want to go read the book again.

  8. I’ve been thinking of you and your family all weekend! Thank you for answering all my questions too: wondering how your knee was, if you still had company, and mostly how the film festival went.

    Your children are a beautiful, joyful, loving blessing whom I know you cherish. What a wonderful gift from God! You’ve done an admirable job being obedient to the Lord in the way that you’ve raised them and now you are enjoying the fruits of your labor and submission to Him.

    It’s so nice getting to know you and your family (albeit through the Internet!). Thanks for sharing your stories with all of us. You are an encouragement!

  9. Hi Lisa, I was wondering how everything was going. So glad to hear your handsome son is a finalist! Congratulations! Now, go rest up!

  10. Hello Lisa!
    Excuse me, I just want to ask, but did you hit your head when you fell and hurt your knee?? Maybe you did and you just forgot because now that you have posted a picture of that hadsome kid and those beautiful girls on the intenet every eligible male and female on the planet will be trying to get their info!! Glory you have your hands full and what a testament to your mothering skill to have such Godly childen – Congratulations!

    But seriously, what a wonderful time you all have had. Sharing the God’s Good News with all the other attendees at the festival must have been such an incredible boost to your faith! I imagine it was a sight HE was so happy to see as well!

    And yes I agree – your kitchen is amazing! My kitchen is probably larger, but is so unfunctional (is that a word?) that there is no way 3 people could be in it at a time! And I love, love, love the top of your island!

    Bless you (& your knee),
    Sheri O.

  11. Normal is just a state of mind…or so I’m told. Loved seeing your girls dressed up as the AofGG characters…so sweet! What beautiful outfits! Hope your week is restful!

  12. My family loves “Runner from Ravenshead”!! We met the family at our homeschool conf. and watched the movie as soon as we could!

    It sounds like you all had a nice time. 🙂

  13. Glad to see you back! I’ve missed your posts. I am really bummed we didn’t go to the Film Festival but there’s no way I would have made it. The Woman’s Conference about put me into labor 🙁

    Completely off topic but oh so funny..James said the FUNNIEST thing yesterday to Michael. James didn’t mean it to be a joke just a standard CPA question, I’m sure. But if he knew us well enough Michael would have given him a hard time. He asked, “So are you guys going to induce before the end of the year?” When Michael told me I about peed.

  14. What a blessing that your family was able to go, and your knee held out=)
    Your Jacon is handsome!! Of course, all of your kids that I have seen are beautiful….must be in the genes=).

  15. I just had to chuckle to see all those children having a blast with the octupi…FYI: they really bounce well off walls 🙂 So glad Jacob got in! It is so encouraging to see all the excellent films produced by younger filmmakers.

    ( I know you have no idea who I am, but hope we get to meet soon. My mom, sisters and I are helping with Bethany Anderson’s wedding reception, and will be at the Smithes for the shower)