I Finally Finished My Chairs

I Finally Finished My Chairs

I finally finished my living room chairs.

I told you about the super-cute fabric.  My plan was to finish them right away, but life interrupted.

Then one day I had a burst of creativity and no place to vent it….so I finished the chairs.

I got these chairs at Target a couple of years ago.  This is what they looked like before-before:

Over the summer I painted them and added a skirt:

But I didn’t really like them.  They needed something else.  After much Pooh-like thinking and messing around, this is how they look now:

What do you think?  Better?  Worse?  Who cares about my chairs?  What’s my problem and why do I keep changing everything?  What?

I think they look more sophisticated.  I guess buying your fabric at a whoop-de-do furniture store instead of Walmart has its benefits.

I can’t figure out why the couch looks so GREEN in these pictures.  It just isn’t this green in person.

Maybe I should recover it.  Maybe I should…..

Oh dear, I keep getting carried away.

(but I do think the couch would look better in off-white, don’t you?)

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  1. cool chairs love the fabric!
    Deanne´s last blog post ..you know your homeschooling when

  2. The chairs look great! The fabric is a nice touch…I think the dark color helps anchor everything. Don’t I sound like I know what I am talking about? lol!
    Deanna´s last blog post ..The Home Life

  3. I LOVE your chairs!!!

    I agree, you totally should slipcover your couch in white…yummy!!!! By-the-way, did you make that feed sack pillow on your couch? I’m in love…LOL…actually I’m thinking of doing something like that for my chair re-upholstery project ;-)

    Take Care ;-)
    Erica´s last blog post ..I finally found it!!!

  4. Whoop De Do…… sorry I just needed a chance to say that. Your chairs are beautful, tres chic. How nice that you have gotten them finished, now think of how many of the other projects that life has gotten in the way of you can get to. Have a great weekend dear friend.

    Cha Cha
    Cha Cha´s last blog post ..Art from Vintage Patterns

  5. I like the couch the color it is. It makes the room look warm and homey. And plus, I have to have darker colors because of the kiddos.

    I really liked your chairs before and I think they look great after the re-do. I’ve said it before, but it is amazing what you can do!
    MamaHen´s last blog post ..Cat-Wearing Momma

  6. Love your chairs! I have 2 very similiar on my front porch that desperately need repainting/staining, but I’m too chicken! Was it difficult with the wicker?
    Angela´s last blog post ..52 days until Christmas!

  7. Love the newer ones! :)

  8. Your chairs turned out amazing! I have chair envy … in a good way ;) Your room is beautiful and I adore your silhouette art above the sorta green couch. I have six kiddos and would love something like to show off my half dozen. Love it!
    Nike@ChooseToThrive´s last blog post ..In Every Thing Give …

  9. The chairs look adorable…love the polka dots. Everything in your living room is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE THEM!

    love the fabric. don’t change them anymore. that little bit of black & white fabric on those chairs with the turquoise piano looks amazing!

    super job.

    p.s. i had no idea these were swivel chairs. love them even more.

  11. The chairs turned out wonderful! I love the fabric and the little skirts. Great transformation.
    Hugs, Sherry
    Sherry @ No Minimalist Here´s last blog post ..Twigs And A Firkin

  12. Loulou@thelifeofloulou.blogspot.com :

    I love the chairs…. I’m ALWAYS changing stuff around in my house…. I think that’s what keeps it fresh and new…. I get BORED with things the same way day after day after day. I think your chairs look amazing and LOVE the fabric!

  13. They are darling and quirky and I love them–off-white would be better, yes.
    But they look nice now, too.
    I love the leaf art on the plate on my most favorite pinanno!
    I wish your changing everything around disease would wear off on me.
    I have felt SOOOOOO uninspired lately.
    I love ya, girl!
    Leslie, the Home Maker´s last blog post ..How I Sell on eBay Part 3 – Packing Materials and Shipping Costs

  14. Cool project… I think everything around our house evolves like these chairs…. I really like the calligraphy on the pillow.

  15. Wonderful, as always. I love the font on the pillow too!! ……do you know the name of it?
    Do you have a big fancy embroidery machine? Mine is just a Simplicity (brother), but it keeps my kids looking sharp=)

  16. LOVE them!! and maybe a go on the couch-in-cream…why is it one thing always leads to another!?!
    guess a “good house is never really done” afterall!
    Many Blessings!
    a pocket full of posies´s last blog post ..just a thought

  17. I think they are great! I love the added black.
    Your house is always just calling my name, I just love your style!
    Thanks for linking up to AP Tuesday…and thanks for your well wish comment to me awhile back, I felt your love.

  18. I love, love, love the chairs. They look perfect! And I absolutely adore the silhouette piece above your couch. You are so creative!
    Kim´s last blog post ..BONUS!

  19. I have to laugh because I am – at this very moment- getting ready to sit at the sewing machine and cover cushions for my chairs! But the sun is shing- and its the 1st really warm gorgeous “come outside and play in the flower bed” day- and I am torn-! Geesh! Flowers or sewing machine??????? I think the flowers may win out- Anyhow- I love the FRENCHY look of your chairs- I like you am OCD and I have only a teeny- weeny suggestion- if I may= plump up the cushion with batting- a feather insert- something to make it look fluffier and softer and more high loft- that would make it over the top! Enjoy your day- enjoy your beautiful family- GOD Bless y’all

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