Building the Deck

Building the Deck

Why, oh why, did I ask to build a deck around the pool this week?  Besides James being exhausted from his finals and me being exhausted from dealing with my dad’s hospitalization…’s HOT!!!!

I’m pretty sure it’s 179°.  In the shade.

And don’t let those old country stories fool you.  Lemonade does not help.  Unless perhaps you pour it over your head.

But we’re troopers around here.  We have spent the past day and a half baking in the sun, sawing, drilling, arguing and measuring.  When James is on a project, we measure a LOT.  When I am in charge we are a bit more relaxed about the measuring….and you know what…..nothing I made has fallen apart yet.  I’m just sayin’.

That whole “submission” thing is a test for me when I build things with James.  I love him and he’s a great guy.  He’s the best….really.  But if you were here when we were building something together you might mistake us for a couple on reality TV.  Without the yelling or swearing.  We disagree more calmly.

Before I head to the hardwork store for the 20th time this week, I want to show you a few pictures of our progress.

We are calling this part “the bridge”:

I took this last picture night as we sat there staring at our finished work and complaining about being tired:

Back to work this morning:

It took all morning to build the frame that goes off to the right.  Seriously…I’m not kidding about the excessive measuring.

We were excited to discover we could re-use the stairs.

I just looked back at that last picture. I thought, what’s up with Hope wearing jeans?  She doesn’t wear jeans!  Then I realized….it’s Jacob’s legs and Hope’s head. LOL!  Ha ha!

Obviously I have been in the heat for too long.  I am finding humor in anything.

I’m off to buy wood.  This will be our first purchase of wood for the deck.  Up until now we have just used what someone gave us from their old deck.  How cool is that?!

Follow Dad’s progress here.

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  1. Love the picts! I love the pool…so refreshing!
    .-= Lana @ ilovemy5kids´s last blog ..My fave MEGA MONEY Saving sites list for FREE =-.

  2. I do pray your air conditioner doesn’t take a vacation. Just remember; it’s twice as hot here.
    (But then we’re staying inside, of course!) Keep up the good work and let James measure all he wants!

  3. Cherie, you are no fun at all. 😛 Lisa~

  4. Wow, you’re brave! Great job…it should be fun for years to come!

  5. Looks like you are screwing in those boards instead of using nails… that’s great! For the first time this year we used an electric screwgun (the kind that auto-feeds screws). They are a little pricey but they take ALOT of the work out of that job which is very tedious otherwise. We first saw one when some workers installed our deck. I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow up.

    LOL on the submission thing. Kim and I generally do great work together but sometimes we find ourselves in arguments (and also less the swearing and yelling–it isn’t necessary).

  6. Fred, oh yes….James won’t touch a nail to his deck. LOL! I have looked into the screw guns. I am glad to know someone that recommends one. We had wondered if it was worth the price.

    The truth is (don’t tell James this) that the arguments are usually because I want my own way. I will generally give in and apologize within minutes. After being married for so long, we know it doesn’t mean anything, but I sometimes wonder what it would seem like to someone else listening. Lisa~

  7. When Mark and I are working on a project, sister, it is a lesson in submission for me, too!!!
    I am happy to hear that you free-cycled some of the wood for the deck! Love that!
    Here’s what I remember when I “let” Mark win; if it falls down of falls apart–it’s his fault!
    I am posting your room Thursday, I think.
    Wanted close-ups of the shelves and mantel and tabletops, mainly. Do you have those?
    Email me?
    I am too lazy to email you AND comment to you, LOL!
    Hugs, sweet lady!
    .-= Leslie, the Home Maker´s last blog ..How I Sell on Ebay Part 1 – My Closet =-.

  8. Heather Mitchell :

    Ah, it’s a good time to stay clear of the Pennington house, I think. I don’t want to be put to work. I don’t want to measure ANYTHING. I don’t want to sweat. I don’t want to watch other people sweat. :0) Looks great though!

    Loving you from a distance,

  9. A big project for sure! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment.
    .-= [email protected] last blog ..New Life for Old Art =-.

  10. How ambitious of you! I know you’ll enjoy it when its all finished. I wish a had a pool like yours down in this Texas heat!
    .-= Rachelle´s last blog ..T-Shirt Headbands =-.

  11. Oh to have a pool! And so much room to build a deck! You are lucky people. And I should learn from James, I don’t measure nearly enough and mess up because of it often.
    Good luck with the next stretch of your deck building.
    .-= [email protected] last blog ..Industrial Beauty =-.

  12. Rachelle….I know it! We’re in Texas and the heat is really getting to us!

    Marianne….OK, thanks. Now you’ve made me feel bad about complaining about James’ measuring. LOL! Lisa~

  13. I don’t envy you the job you are doing, but I will envy the deck and pool combo when it is done! We could have used that pool a lot this summer!
    I am finally posting about the beautiful market basket that you sent to me! It is beyond perfect! I hope lots of people see it and rush to your shop! Thank you so much!
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Leggo of those Legos! =-.

  14. Wow, that IS cool!

    Your deck does seem like a huge undertaking, but I bet your family reaps wonderful rewards from all your efforts!

    So nice to meet you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. You are one brave woman! Yes, it is at LEAST 179 in the shade this week. I love how the bridge comes right off your existing deck. It will be worth all the shouting, er, I mean quiet disagreement when you’re all done! Hang in there and keep drinking that lemonade!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Free decorating – how a game table was born =-.

  16. Connie Losee :

    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering where you purchased your pool? We are looking for one and would love any leads. Thank you!

    From St. George, Utah where it’s 102 degrees…and it’s only April.

  17. Looks like a lot of work. BUT, when it is all done, and your family gets to enjoy it for the first time – you’ll think, “It was so worth it!”

    Will the deck go around the pool as well? Wasn’t sure if I read anything about that.