We’re In!

We’re In!

Jacob and I were outside by 7:00 this morning to get the platform built for the pool ladder.

Patience likes to help…so she held the boards for Jacob while Noah and I assembled the ladder.

Actually, “assembled” isn’t really the right term.  It was more like wedge, pry, squeeze, hammer, force, try again to figure out the instructions, scratch our heads, force some more and finally….the ladder was finished.  You might not want us to “assemble” your pool ladder.

This, my friends, is the perfect picture of why it is good to have a whole bunch of kids:

Durn!  That thing was HEAVY.  (not that I would really know since I was too busy taking pictures to help)

At long last it is ready.  Jacob got to be the first in the water since he worked harder than anyone else at setting up for the pool. (I’m not sure why Adam is on the platform with him)

Here’s the whole gang….if they hold hands and reach they can make it from one side to the other.

Levi sat on the side.  He has to wait until we get him a swim vest.

The rest of the pictures are pretty much grandparent fodder…..




Hope & Elijah

Even Grace got in on the fun

I did take pictures of Jacob, but in every one he looks like he’s been nipping at the bottle.

Faith wasn’t in the water yet when I had the camera.


When the kids all got in, James came out of his office to see how it was going and he saw leaves in the bottom of the pool.

He called out, “Kids!  What is the most important thing to remember?”

Shouts from the water: “Stay safe?!”  “Don’t jump or dive?!”  “Be careful?”  “Don’t drown?”

“No,” says James, “always get the leaves out of the pool.”

Mommy and Daddy may need to talk about priorities.


  1. Thank you for praying for us. We are so grateful!!
    .-= Jen´s last blog .. =-.

  2. Heather Mitchell :

    Exciting!! REALLY nice!

    Jacob was a great help again today. I guess he told you John Willing and family were at the party. It was a very nice celebration.

  3. SWEET! Looks refreshing.
    So – will you be decoupaging the side?

    PS – my “captcha code for submitting this comment was “DAHM”. I don’t think that’s appropriate at all… ;0)
    .-= Sara K´s last blog ..Semper Fi – Always Faithful =-.

  4. That pool looks wonderful and I love the way to measure the width! Nothing like a backyard pool in the summer! We had one for a few years ..sadly it collapsed and luckily away from the house!
    I am so excited to receive the market basket! I am nort sure how to use it first! Library books for summer reading? Fresh veggies? Beach! You are so sweet to have offered such a perfect giveaway! Thanks!
    (I have a daughter 25 and a son 22-same b’day! Twins 4 years apart as they say!)
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..FREEBIES =-.

  5. Love it!! Had I known you were in need of a swim vest, I could have brought you The Adventurer’s. Well, actually I couldn’t have, as we tried to stuff it in our luggage but it wouldn’t fit. But, had I known I’d be passing it off to someone else, I’d have tried harder to fit it in.

    Did I mention yet that I got my pillow case safely?? I trust the funds made it safely to you : ) Did I mention it’s even more insanely awesome in person than it is in the photos??? It is. So very, very cool. Thank you again, so much, for working with me on that design and taking an idea from my head and making it even more incredible than I thought it would be. You totally rock!

  6. Almost makes me want to go swimming. Great job, Penningtons!
    .-= Autumn Beck´s last blog ..Am I sinning when I watch TV =-.

  7. How wonderfully refreshing!
    .-= Grateful for Grace´s last blog ..Sweet =-.

  8. There’s just nothing better than all the gang in a backyard pool! Ahhh, sweet summertime!
    Okay- just had to mention that Jacob working on a ladder….reminds me of quilting! 🙂 Anyone else hear Jacob’s Ladder there?? *wink*
    PS- HoorAY for big families!!
    .-= megan´s last blog ..Fly Away Home Knit Baby Cap Pattern PDF =-.

  9. How funny!
    Aw, poor Levi! Did he get a vest yet?
    (That’s just mean to make him sit there 😉 while everyone else swims–
    I take it that Grace doesn’t much care for the pool? Water? Being seen in her swimsuit?
    My Sarah is this way.
    I only live in Greenville, SC (while I’m on the planet), but Atlanta, GA, Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC are 1-2 hours away from us.
    Our family had an inground pool growing up–ah! the memories–I was the one who was assigned the job of checking the chlorine/alkaline levels.
    My sister ran the vacuum and cleaned the filter of leaves.
    Hugs to you, you good picture-taker, you!
    .-= Leslie, the Home Maker´s last blog ..A psalm of Leslie =-.

  10. Heather S. :) :

    Having a fun way to cool them all off in this summer heat must be AWESOME!!!!