Details Details

I’m a detail person.  I organize.  It sounds good on the surface, but living with me is not always easy.

Next weekend is the wedding I’ve been telling you about.  Jacob is an usher and the girls are greeters.  So we have to have clothes for the wedding and the rehearals dinner the night before.

When it comes to this kind of stuff, I get a bit crazy about the details.  The girls and I went shopping a few weeks ago (and I drove to several Catos) to find them all the same skirt so they could match.  We ordered their shoes and now all of that is piled on the love seat in my bedroom.  I know in my heart that if I let them out it away in their rooms then something will go missing when we need it.

Yesterday I took the boys to get shoes and slacks.  How is it that we never have “church” shoes that fit?  You would think that at least the younger boys would have hand-me-downs.  But apparently not.

Last week I took Jacob to get a new suit.

James and I used our Friday night date to get him a jacket.

Today I gave everyone a haircut on the front porch and had them each try on both outfits for next weekend.

All of the ironed clothes, shoes and accessories will stay in my bedroom until Thursday night when we will load it all into the van for the weekend.

I’m telling you…’s a production.  But I’d rather do it all now, when I have time, than do it in the rush of getting ready to go.

I know what you’re thinking…..she’s a nut job.

Probably, but I’m a nut job with a well dressed family.

Of course, I have nothing to wear.  Isn’t that always the way it goes?


  1. Love this! I always try to be this organized. I’m not. But I do try. Your skills in this department do not make you a nutjob; they make you brilliant and practical. Those are good things.

    Can’t wait to see the after photos, and I hope you get to shop for clothes for you. Have a wonderful time!

  2. You have zillions of gorgeous outfits to wear and you know it!!
    Hey, I like the sounds of all of this. I can’t wait to see all of you, dear ones!
    Praying for you, The Mother of the Bride