Building a Bed

Building a Bed

I sat on the living room floor putting the new bed frame together.

“I’ll help you Mommy!” says a little voice.

Eight years old and eager to use the tools.

I was in a rush. I had a lot to do and I needed to keep the pace going.

But he gave me the look. The you’ve-been-working-on-the-room-for-a-week-and-ignoring-me-too-much look.

“Here, you hold this part still while I screw these pieces together.”

“Mommy, I can screw those screws in for you.”

I’ll admit it. I wanted to get this job done. I didn’t want to wait for an eight year old to turn a dozen screws. I was about the task of getting this job done.

But, I thought, HE is about the task of becoming a man. And I need to stop and let him.

So I waited while he intently screwed in each and every screw.

I bragged on what a great job he did.

I thanked him for being such a big help.

He showed his accomplishment to each person that walked through the room.

I have to work hard every day to keep it all in perspective.


  1. This says it all about what a GREAT mom you are. So sweet and I can just picture his little smile!

  2. Grateful for Grace :

    Great job, both of you!

  3. salvation78028 :

    You overcame your flesh! Triumphant!

  4. Yes this does say what a great Mom you are. I SO need to remember slow down and live in the moment before I blink and it's gone.

  5. Sounds like my son. The other day I had to grit my teeth and had over the screw driver to him. And before too long my heart was melting as he focused so hard and was so proud of himself.

  6. It is 5 in the morning and I am now reading all of your past parenting tips.

    This one brought tears to my eyes.

    I am praising God that yesterday I made the decision not to be too busy.
    .-= Laura Ingalls GunnĀ“s last blog ..The Grandest DTA Giveaway Ever! =-.