Mom with Power Tools

Mom with Power Tools

So far so good…..

I got math done, piano practice started, co-op class preparation underway and I was off to work on the new room.

We had to remove the window between the boys’ room and the new room. This is the view from inside of the boys’ room….

You can see the new room on the other side of the window. That’s a piece of sheetrock leaning against the other side of the window.

And by 1:00 it looked like this…..

A couple of kids are cleaning up the debris while Mommy “takes a break” (read: collapses on her bed with the door closed).

There is stucco on the outside wall. And that had another layer of siding behind it. It took all of my strength and then some to get that opening cut. But I did it. If I could move my arms I’d pat myself on the back.

These are some of the nails I was up against….

Moms and power tools, we don’t always do it right, but we get the job done.

I couldn’t find any safety goggles, so I used my “onion chopping” glasses.

And of course there must always be a Diet Dr Pepper nearby.

I’m at a stopping point now. I have used all of the materials I bought and now I have to make another run to the hardwork store.

Then it’s texture, prime and paint. SWEET!


  1. I am laughing so hard I'm crying and coughing at the same time. I was trying to tell Tony about your onion glasses and your Mom's shoes and just can't get through it! Ya'll are cracking me up today!

  2. Grateful for Grace :

    Awesome. Shame on those wonderful kids for deserting you. Shame! No hot cocoa for them today!

    Can't wait to see the great finished look!

  3. salvation78028 :

    I want some of them onion chopping glasses! Now that's a cool idea!