Day Two….

Day Two….

Last night I couldn’t move my arms.

Tonight I can’t move anything…my arms,my legs, my hair…

I’m not sure what happened, but the size of my crew diminished significantly.

Yesterday there were six of us working plus the occasional floater.

Today this was the insulation team:

When we started putting up sheetrock another daughter took pity on us and jumped in to help, so there were three.

But by the time night fell and dinner was being served and it was time to tape and float,

there was one…..

The walls are up.

Tomorrow afternoon, if we can get school finished in a timely manner, we’ll cut the opening from the other room and then it’ll be officially part of the house.

I wonder if there will be anyone left to lend a hand.


  1. well Lisa, since WE didn't win the weekend of sushi with Ree, I'm glad you at least, did something constructive…get it? hahahaha.
    OK, I'm just sad she didn't pick ME, and I would have invited you of course.

    one word…Advil 4 pills at a time…it has cured my aching back, along with a little physical therapy. Miracle drug.

  2. salvation78028 :

    Oh, Lisa!
    Lifting that sheetrock is HEAVY work! And all that taping…your printed words make my arms and shoulders ache. You and H REST today! You deserve it!

    Maybe they have workers at the "hardwork" store you could go get. LOL.

  3. Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. :

    Your hired!!!

    Our upstairs bathroom is next..I'll be sure to invite you!

    Great job!