The Invitation

Invitation by email.

“We were wondering if you guys would like to come over for dinner tonight.”

You guys. You guys? What does that mean? Just husband and I? Or the whole gang? It would seem like you guys would mean our family. But our family hasn’t been invited to dinner at someone’s house since…..well….I don’t remember. A long time.

There are eleven of us. There are children. I feed us all every night and I still am not sure how to do it.

But, after I checked and re-checked, she assured me that she wanted us all. All eleven. All. Eleven.

So we went. We forged through the rain and mud and cold and went. We’re like the mailman.

She didn’t seem too stressed when we arrived. She had spaghetti, salad, cake. It was easy and nice. The kids played games. The baby played with some toys she set out for him. The grown-ups talked around the table.

If you know a large family, I hope you’ll bless them by inviting us….er….I mean them over for dinner. Don’t be intimidated by how to cook for them or how to entertain everyone.

If you are a large family, teach your children how to behave at someone else’s house. Then you will be a blessing in return.

I know my friend blessed me tonight.

Thanks friend.


  1. I'm inviting you ALL to dinner at our house…any time!!! It might take you a little longer to get here, but I promise it won't be raining.