Taco Soup

Taco Soup

Some days you just need to throw dinner together. For me, feeding 11 people every night (plus there are often extra people here), can be daunting. So I keep a list of things I can make in a flash that don’t cost a lot and are pretty healthy. If the girls can make it it’s even better!

Tonight it was taco soup. The great thing about taco soup is you can toss whatever you have into it. Got beef? Great. No beef? Try chicken. Easy breezy.

Here’s how I made it…..keep in mind that this fed 15 of us and there were leftovers, so adjust as necessary.

I’m going to give general amounts, but it really is just throw in what you have.

4# ground beef, cooked and drained
1 onion, chopped and sauteed
4 cans diced tomatoes
4 cans ranch style beans
a medium size jar of picante sauce
2 cans of corn
2 cans of hominy
4 cans black beans, drained and rinsed
3 pkgs taco seasoning (we make our own)
3 pkgs ranch dressing mix (we make our own of this also)
2 cans of beer
chicken broth as needed (you all know my passion for “Better than Bullion” so I use that)

OK, do I have to say it? We don’t just have cans of beer around. We are a dry household…no moonshine in these here parts. So we have to draw straws to see which one of us has to go up to the mini-mart and try to buy beer without anyone in this small town noticing. But the soup tastes SO much better with the beer that we do it….just ask for a brown bag.

Mix everything but the beer all together and let it simmer for a while. After about 30 minutes you add the beer, so I will take out several servings at that point for my gluten-free daughter.  Your house will smell a bit like a brewery, but it’s worth it. I recommend not making this if the preacher is coming to dinner.

Serve with shredded cheese, corn chips, sour cream, I like a little avocado, but my boys aren’t into avocado.  I tell you, I don’t understand boys. How can you not like avocado?!

Try it…serve it to company, take it to the next potluck. I promise you’ll love it!


  1. Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. :

    I know that "beer chicken" taste delious! Funny how beer makes a lot taste better..but I've never liked the smell of the stuff by itself. (gag)

  2. Haha that is so funny about the beer. I had never purchased alcohol of any kind in my life, but I had a recipe for my flowers that would supposedly make them grow like crazy that called for beer. I just walked in to the store totally mortified (smile) and asked for a can. The guy asked me what kind and I told him I had no idea. He just gave me the she’s an idiot face and said, “how about a bud.” I quickly told him that would be fine. My husband pokes fun at me about that to this day! lolll…….

  3. Lisa,
    I’m the girl who’s panties fell off in the parking lot and getting vodka for vanilla was just about as humiliating….. I accidentally bought way more vanilla beans than necessary so I decided to make a lot. I had never bought vodka before and asked the man if it came in gallon bottles. He said ma’am what are you going to do with this here vodka? I told him and he started shaking his head. Ma’am, my wife buys a little bitty bottle at Kroger, you know you might want to just go there! I stood my ground and left with two large bottles and have enjoyed vanilla! Thanks for being real and sharing such funny stories laced with wisdom. I look forward to making that soup.

  4. Yummy! I am gonna print this one out. My kids need some easy recipes to refer to – since I am a dump/mix kind of cook. :)

  5. I make almost the same recipe except instead of picante and cans of tomatoes, i just use Rotel. Also, no black beams or hominy. Never heard of adding the beer! Will have to try that.

    I’m curious – you don’t eat this due to the diet you’re on, right?

  6. Would you share your ranch salad dressing mix recipe?

  7. My mother made delicious beer bread when I was growing up….no yeast needed due to the beer. I still make it, and it is so much easier and tastier!

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