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What’s More Important than Balloons?

Before I talk about important things like the unusual number of balloons floating around my house or how my hands are cracking from washing excessive washing, I want to stop and have a moment of Continue reading


Yucks & “Stuff”

My kids call me Mom, nurse, cook, house-cleaner, launderer... I call myself exhausted. For the past few days we have had a houseful of sickies.  The yuck-bug has hit the Pennington home.  I Continue reading


3 Tips for Managing Invisalign Aligners

(I am an Invisalign MAB member and my son is receiving complimentary treatment but all opinions completely my own!) At last! Noah got his Invisalign aligners and he's off and Continue reading


Moms Need a Night Off!

This week's YouTube video is about a subject near and dear to my heart....taking a break! I have shared this with many groups when I speak and I always get a food of emails afterward asking me Continue reading