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How to Keep a Simple Summer Menu

Do you stick to a tight schedule in the summer or do you keep it foot loose and fancy free?  Me, I'm a little of both.  When there's a lot going on I keep it tight, carefully planning how we will Continue reading

Sweating and Crowds…Two of My Least Favorite Things

Oh summer.  I have a love-hate relationship with it.  On one hand, it's relaxed and the daily swim parties we have are so wonderful.  On the other hand I sweat so much that I walk around looking like Continue reading

Smile! It Increases Your Face Value!

(I am an Invisalign MAB member and one of my sons is receiving complimentary treatment but all opinions completely my own!) Did you know what a smile can do for you and the people around you?  Continue reading

Marriage Challenge

The other night I was watching the new Duck Dynasty spinoff, "Jep & Jessa: Growing the Dynasty."  I thought they were adorable and obviously in love, but the way she treated him was a Continue reading