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If You Don’t Mind…..

I may have a problem.  Like I need counseling and possibly shock therapy.  I love books.  I have shelves full of them in every room and when someone offers to send me one to review I simply can't Continue reading


Everything I Know About the Military I Learned from 70s TV

Now that we are back to a full school schedule life has taken on a busy, yet semi-predictable turn.  No more lets-do-whatever mornings.  It's back to the military style of living where Mom blows the Continue reading


Noah Meets Invisalign

(I am an Invisalign MAB member and my son is receiving complimentary treatment but all opinions completely my own!) I want you to meet my son Noah. I don't mention him much because he's just Continue reading


When Your Adult Kids Still Live at Home

Right now we have 4 adult kids living at home and 1 more graduated that's just under the wire of official adulthood. This is a whole new level of parenting.  People say toddlers and teenagers are Continue reading