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76 Trombones and a Universal Weekend

Yesterday I somehow got the song, "76 Trombones" stuck in my head and now I am going to have to find myself a support group for people who are tortured by Broadway.  Add to it the fact that I only Continue reading


Feeling SpOILed

This past weekend was a heap o'housecleaning and packing. It began on Saturday morning after my walk.  When I got home we all sat around in the living room going over plans and schedules and who Continue reading


Do Your Kids Love to Write?!

Do you want to teach your kids creative writing? I found it difficult to really inspire my kids to write and know how to get their juices flowing. Until I found the One Year Adventure Novel.  I Continue reading


Why Ya Gotta Hate?!

I generally prefer to be light and fun here, but I felt led to share this, so here goes. I've been thinking lately about HATE. I've been the recipient of a lot of that over the past few months Continue reading