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That Day I Made My Own Laundry Pods

This post contains affiliate links. A couple of months ago my friend Susan shared a recipe for laundry pods.  I thought, "Hey!  I should make those!" So after reading her recipe I immediately Continue reading


Let’s Have a Cleanse Party!

Well my big week of driving kids all over the place is behind me.  I am not sure how I survived it except to say that I ate my way through the week, gaining 3# and wondering how other moms do it all Continue reading


Teens and Confidence

(I am an Invisalign MAB member and one of my sons is receiving complimentary treatment but all opinions completely my own!) Teens and confidence. Yep.  I remember in my teen years how hard Continue reading


Why Ya Gotta Hate?!

I generally prefer to be light and fun here, but I felt led to share this, so here goes. I've been thinking lately about HATE. I've been the recipient of a lot of that over the past few months Continue reading